Thursday, September 08, 2005

Another One Bites the Dust

Michael Morse, powerhouse extraordinaire, was suspended for steroid abuse. He says it was from 2003 and that the suspension is unfair.

I say...what about the fact that Giambi hit another homer yesterday (that won the game for the Yankees)? That's 27 this year...The guy has 98 hits and 27 of them are home runs...This could be a case of people believing that his power is gone and they are trying to blow fastballs by him...but his numbers are crazy...Can someone just be as hot and cold as Giambi has been? We're talking a season and a half of crap and now on fire...

Not that I am saying he is back on the juice...or something else...But if Palmiero thought he could get away with it.........

Here are the ten names of the suspended steroid group:
Michael Morse
Ryan Franklin
Jamal Strong
...all of those guys were Mariners...
Rafael Palmiero
Rafael Betancourt
TWO RAFAELS??? COINCIDENCE??? yes, probably
Juan Rincon
Agustin Montero
Jorge Piedra
Alex Sanchez

Lots of Latin players in the mix...I can see why there were complaints of profiling...

Anyway, not too many big it possible that some extended sits on the bench for some players were actually suspensions? I know that part of the policy was that not all players would be named...Maybe some nagging injuries for some guys? Maybe some stints on the DL...would that count? I wonder...


  1. The thing I find odd is that this latest kid claims the Steroids are from 2003 when he failed a test and admitted it back then. Now he is saying they must be left in his system.

    I don't know the specifics, but I have, uh hum, heard that pot takes 30 days and coke 7-10 to get out of your system. Sure something synthetic like Winistrol could take longer, but I doubt it would be two years.

    as for the conspiracy theory that "extended sits on the bench" have actually been suspensions. I say no way. First off, not really sure what players you are referring to. I don't know of any player that sat for 10 straight days. And even if they went the DL route (which would allow the team to fill the roster spot), the league knows that a) people would find out and b) if it did get leaked the media backlash would be outrageous.

    as for Giambi, who knows. His HR last night was solid (not a 500 foot bomb) and was against Borowski - who until some recent low pressure success in TB had an ERA of about 7.00 over the last two seasons. He sucks so bad that the Cubs cut hit and they have crappy relief pitching.

  2. Not referring to any players in particular...I was just wondering. The suspension policy states that they will not name every suspended player. That is the out...That's why I was wondering about alternatives...if someone is suspended, but not named, how do they go about the suspension? That's more of what I was getting at...MLB would just say that they stated up front that not all offenders would be named...Yes, the media would then say things like, "Is this policy working? Isn't embarrassment the biggest deterrent here? And..blah blah blah", but baseball would just then waffle and say, "It's the CBA, not us..."

    Also, I think it is weird, too, about the kid's claim. 2 years? Doesn't make sense...that would be the party line...

  3. Yeah the whole I did it two years ago excuse is a buch of BS. If the drugs really did stay in your system that long, we would have more than 10 suspensions. The firs year of testing, they said the positive results were 5-7% (at least 50-60 players). If the drugs stay that long you would expect it in more than 1 or even 10.

    Where did you hear that "The suspension policy states that they will not name every suspended player?" It was my understanding that they did name everyone and that was part of the reason they were convinced the program was working. The threat of everyone knowing was the deterrent. Any thought that they would cover it up is a stretch (my opinion) and since Bud wants to get tougher on roids there is no way he would ever agree to cover something up - it would completely undermine his credibility if he was caught.

  4. Okay, so this from Fox sports:

    The panel's decision states:

    That Morse's positive test in May was "more likely than not" from the same use that led to each of his two minor-league suspensions.

    That it is "undisputed" that the low amount of the substance found when Morse tested positive in May has no performance-enhancing effect.

    That the evidence supports Morse's testimony that he last used steroids during the 2003-04 off-season.

    If true (and a big IF), then why have others not tested positive and claimed the same?

  5. deca durabolin can take about 18 months-2 years to clear out of a user's system. According to Jason Giambi's grand jury testimony, it was the steroid he used that showed up in BALCO's blood tests and BALCO told him they could get him something less detectable.

    Most oral steroids clear a user's system in under a month. It's the oil-based ones given in intramuscular injections that linger for years.