Wednesday, September 07, 2005


good to see a strong outing by him. and the pen.

I was a bit worried about Bronson and his serious slippage in the 2nd half. Although I imagine they plan on using him out of the pen in the playoffs.


  1. Don't like seeing Contreras pitch like that tonight. although we have always seemed to have his number.

  2. Although I guess five walks is not such a good thing....

  3. Seems like Sox starters - have been getting hit early recently, but then settling in for strong outings. 4 of the Sox' last 5 games have featured 8+ IP performances, too. Part of the pen's problem this year has been having to cover too many innings; if the starters could settle into a 6 or 7 IP pattern per game, the pitching puzzle would start to fit together a lot better. This weekend against a top offense will be telling.

  4. Yeah, Bronson was very good last night. It almost seems like our pitching staff is not warm when they start the games. Or maybe the game plan is not clear the first time around the order. OR...and this definitely could be it...Maybe the other hitters know how the Sox pitching will approach them (because tech and most of the pitchers pour over the scouting reports) and the hitters make the adjustments the first time around. Then the Sox make their adjustments from that point on...Maybe that is too complicated and the guys just aren't ready early...

    Anyway, Andrew I said something very similar yesterday about the starters getting 6-7 innings. You can't expose guys like Myers and Bradford. They are specialists...

    X, I will also say that if Bronson has a few more outings like this before season's end he might be our #3 ahead of Wake...Although, there is no way Schilling is not a starter...even if he does not deserve it by the playoffs...which kind of sucks...

  5. Damn, how do you edit??? Anyway, I meant Tek and not "tech"...I happen to be typing this at work which led to that slip.

    Kind of freudian though...Tek is sort of a tech.

    Ok, I apologize for this meaningless babble...