Friday, September 09, 2005

Weekend Roadmap

If things go as they have so far this year, I imagine a tough, close defeat - like the last Friday game in the Bronx when (it seemed) all 27 Sox outs were made at home plate. This of course will be crushing, CHB will complain that the Sox rolled over, the NY writers will say the Bombers showed heart, etc, etc Then on Saturday we will crush the living shit out of them by the score of 17-1. And Sunday could be the "biggest game of the year" and who know what to expect from the Unit and Wake.


  1. Yes, but one good thing we have going for us...We are playing with confidence after taking two of three from the Angels while the Yankees just dropped 2 of 3 to the D-Rays.

    Ok, that is scraping as we know that really means nothing...

    But there is one thing going for us...
    Sheffield is hurt (bad leg)...

  2. One thing to note - neither Cahcon nor Samll have started against the Sox. Lets see how they handle the pressure. One of them is due to give up that 17 run game.

  3. I don't buy it. I think today is going to be Aaron Small's death knell. If you look over his game logs, he's mostly pitched against weaker offenses (unless you count the combined 6.1 IP with 3 ER vs Texas). Plus, he's been 'lucky' on balls in play, doesn't have a great K rate, and he walks a lot of guys. He's the kind of pitcher the Sox tend to feast on. So, another bold prediction from me: Aaron Small doesn't live to see the sixth inning. And the Yanks used their back-end against the D-Rays a reasonable amount these past three games.

  4. I guess that is why we play the games - anything can happen. Of course my mini-prediction was sort of tongue in cheek, but anyone that really thinks they know what is going to happen with either of these teams has just as good a chance at winning the lottery. Seriously. Can you not see it going either way? Nothing would surprise me at this point.

    I do think the Sox will be fine. Even if they lose one tough game in the Series, they will bounce back. They always have. I also think they could easily beat Rivera again.

    Something I am looking forward to is Big Papi verus Embree. Embree popped off a bit in the Post today - or more likely King spun it a bit. Plus Bellhorn gets to K a few times versus Wells tonight.

  5. Funny enough, Bellhorn scares me a little bit in this series. We don't really have a "swing and miss" guy pitching in this series.

    Oh wait...the "swing and miss" guy is Bellhorn...My Bad...

    Yes, I could see this series going either way. I think it is HUGE that Sheff misses a game or two, though. That guy has killed us...

    As for Small, this is definitely the type of guy the Sox work to death and he will throw a lot of pitches early...Unless he decides to try to pound the strike zone (as opposed to the nibbling he usually does)...If he pounds the strike zone we should do very well against his less than overpowering stuff...Although, NO ONE has beat him up too much this year...unless you count his relief outing against TB, or his 3+ innings against KC...

    I hope we take the first two because I see many excuses for a very "Francona" lineup on Sunday with the left going...Something like...

    Damon CF
    Renteria SS
    Ortiz DH
    Manny LF
    Millar 1B
    Mueller 3B
    Mirabelli C
    Youk 2B
    Kapler RF

    against Randy Johnson...

    And that's if he decides not to give some people their Sunday off as he tends to do...

    This is not the do or die series but a sweep by NY would still be me, anyway.

  6. In order to help you feel better, you should review my comment on your previous post. Of all the teams that the Yanks swept the ONLY one with a winning record is OAK and at the time OAK was in last place.

    The only way I would be worried about a sweep is if it comes sunday and we have not won either of the first two. And Randy Johnson is still in the game in the 7th. Then I will worry.

    I'm with Andrew - between Small and Chacon one of those guys is due of a line 0f 3-1/3IP 7H 5ER 5R 2BB 2K.

    And when Samll did beat the rangers, it was smack dab in the middle of the rangers 8 game losing streak. And 12 of 13.

  7. Yeah, I agree with the sweep thing being very unlikely...But so was coming back from 3-0...

    I do HIGHLY doubt we will get swept. I even pretty much doubt we will lose 2 of 3, but something about talking about this stuff makes it a little more exciting...

  8. You know who is a dweeb? That's right...DWEEB!!! Caple from ESPN. He mailed in this article...He says that the Sox payroll is far above anyone else...Not true. It is very high, but there are other teams in the area...He says that the Sox and Yankees no longer matter. That the rivalry is dead. Well, that's why they put on some of the most exciting baseball ever the past two post-seasons...What a loser...