Thursday, September 22, 2005


Looks like he is now done. Going back to Boston for another exam. No surprise, I guess.

Had you guys heard earlier that part of the reason he was/is so ornery this year is that he is apparently going through a nasty divorce? Oh well, Damon bounced back after his a couple years ago. Lets hope Keith can do it next year.


  1. In my earlier stated quest to watch two innings of a non Sox (or Yankees game) a couple of times a week, I have watched the last 4 innings (and counting) of the Dodgers-AZ game tonight.

    I guess I missed it becasue GYS is AL only, but have you guys seen the year that Tony Clark has put up? .309 AVG 29 HR .364 OBP .654 SLG and 1.018 OPS. Sure the BOB is a good hitters park and an even better HR park, but still. And he has only about 350 PA which makes the 29 HR more amazing (sure it probably reduces the AVG/SLG/OPS impressiveness). I was shocked to see the numbers.

  2. And one other thing - WTF is Palmeiro talking about. Blaming Tejada? For giving him a pill that included the heavy duty roid he allegedly tested for. givemeafreakinbreak.

  3. re: Clark - yeah, he's been one of the big reasons that the Diamondbacks have even stayed in 'contention' in The Worst Division In Baseball History. Very bizarre turnaround. I still hate him.

    Re: Tejada - best thing about that is, the pill in question turns out to be vitamin b-12. So, Tejada might just as well have given Palmeiro a bunch of carrots.

  4. So if Clark had actually had a decent seasoon in 02, the sox may very well have kept him and not made a run at both Millar and Ortiz - could have completely changed the construction of "the 25."

    And really you hate Tony Clark? I mean sure he sucked big time in beantown, but he was always a gentleman. Of course I would have hated him if his ground rule double had actually stayed in the park. But it didn't. And we won. And we won the next night. and the next night.

  5. He sucked for us, and then did okay for the Yanks. I hate him. Plus, anyone who I spend that much time yelling at while listening to Sox games in my car, I sort of have to hate by default. And I spent a lot of drives screaming bloody murder at Tony Clark in 02.

  6. Look, we can all agree that Tony Clark is terrible. But this is something to celebrate, not to be upset about. Go here and scroll down to the bottom of the play-by-play. Remember that?

    In short: Tony Clark sucks. Thank God.