Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Division A Must?

With the end of the season only 18 games away (19 for the Yankees), the Sox have a 2 1/2 game lead, and are only 2 up in the loss column. Things are getting very tight in the East.

Foulke looked awful last night, but (honestly) the entire team (except, of course, Ortiz) looked flat. Manny turning Catallanato's single in to a double, Kapler's lazy throw to Renteria which was then booted, lack of any hitting, led to an ugly 9-3 loss.

Cleveland keeps on cruising. The Yankees beat up on their arch-enemy D-Rays, and the Sox gave up ground to both.

Manny is in a slump, Tek is in a slump, Damon is out (but soon returning), and we have the A's up next...


It is looking more and more like we are going to have to win the division to get in the playoffs.

To add more joy to the equation, the Yankees won the coin flip for home field if there is a one-game playoff...


  1. Manny is coming out of his slump at the right time. Not so for Tek and Trot. Trot has been hitting something like 258 for a long time since coming back. We need his fire in the 5 slot behind His Mannyness. Now. Not later. Team-wake thyselves.

  2. This sounds a lot like pre-2004 thinking. I've been seeing quite a few things the past few days that would have you think we were two games behind two teams and not vice-versa.

    sure the sox are flawed and the pen is very shaky which does not bode well for a long and prosperous October, but the Yanks and Indians have flaws too. Hell NY is all excited because they won last night and we lost - big whoop. Wang, sore shoulder and all, goes tonight. CLE has 6 games against CHI.

    You're right, though. the boys need to start hitting.

  3. Oh no...I am just putting forth that it is beginning to look like the AL East may only be sending the winner of the division to the playoffs...

    Cleveland has a ridiculously easy schedule, White Sox aside. Who knows? Maybe they catch the White Sox (very unlikely)...Maybe the Sox and Yankees get in. Maybe Chacon is done and has come back to earth...

    I'd like to see the Sox give Delcarmen a shot. If he were a Yankee he'd be pitching a ton right now...

  4. Two words - "Big" and "Papi"