Thursday, September 29, 2005

Good God, No!!!!

Red Sox have picked up Mike Stanton for the Yankees series...

Ok, it's over...I'd rather have Embree...


  1. Even though he was good with the Nationals...

    It's another spy in the house...

    Maybe the Yankees will have Mendoza throw an inning or two in the series...

  2. Pretty dumb move, and a waste of time. Season feels over.

    Meanwhile, the White Sox clinched, so as far as they're concerned, their series against the Indians doesn't matter. (Unless they reeaaalllly want home team advantage?) So expect the Indians to take 2 out of 3. Ugh.

  3. We still have some roster spots available I think. Let's also get Mark Wohlers, Sterling Hitchcock, Randy Choate, Brandon Knight, Mike Buddie...

  4. Hey give Theo some credit for trying.


    Right here on these very boards it was lamented we had no lefty to face Matsui:

    And questions about why not have 40 men in the dugout.

    This year against lefties, Stanton had an BAA of .232 versus a .358 for righties.

    So he faces only Giambi or Matsui.

  5. Yeah, I know. And you have to assume Torre will split up the two to wreak havoc on the Sox bullpen (back when there was only Myers). Even so, I can't help but think, "way too little, way too late."

    I actually have been overall quite happy with Theo this year -- at least in terms of pitchers, we have a phenomenal future to look forward to. It's just, this move seems a little silly in terms of its timing.

    But yeah, credit for trying.

    If Stanton makes some key strikeout, it shows Theo is a genius; if not, well, he can't be worse. So, unless these two prospects turn out to be hall-of-famers, nothing lost I guess.

  6. HOF looks doubtful for these two:

    Taylor was 2-2 with a 1.49 ERA in 11 games (five starts) for the Gulf Coast League Red Sox in 2005. - GCL is low, low (rookie) ball. So don't get too excited about a 1.49.

    Peralta was 2-3 with a 4.57 ERA in 27 games between the GCL Sox, Single-A Greenville and short-season Single-A Lowell.

    And yes, overall I'm happy with Theo. The farm looks fine. we have some $$ to play with for parts.

    And hey we lost our ace and our closer - two high pressure value packed slots worth almost 300 innings. Imagine where we would have been if Theo had mot been creative and gotten Miller, Wells and Clement all for the (preseason) price of Pedro. Our rotation would have been:

    Halama (maybe??)
    And whom????
    Scary thoughts.

    And sure he tried. Look at the relievers we plugged in at some point:

    Blaine Neal (and I thought he would make a difference)
    Scott Cassidy
    Cla Meredith
    Jeremi Gonzalez
    Matt Perisho

    Had we been able to catch lightening in a bottle with maybe one of these guys (think Aaron Small or Shaw Cy-con) we might not all have this bad feeling in our stomach. Hell, if Embree pitched like Embree 04, we probably have a 5 game lead right now.

  7. Hey, whatever happened to Hipolito Pichardo? Damn that guy had a great name. We could use a great name like that right now.

  8. I think he is available and pitching in Mexico.

    I know they were joking about it post game the other night, but hell couldn't Eck put on his spikes and get a few guys out?

  9. Lets get some damn runs. No help coming our way tonight from BAL.

  10. I know that I said we needed another lefty...Stanton does have that mean hook...

    I guess that if the season were longer than the 3 games we had left I'd really be like "What???"...

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