Friday, September 30, 2005

Robert Redford...

...Giving the best "celebrity sports fan interview" I have ever seen. I had no idea he was a Sox fan; apparently this is first time in Fenway, and he keeps cutting off the interviewer for each pitch -- "hold on". So much better than anything Ben Affleck, Billy Crystal, etc. has ever said in such interviews. Highlight:
ESPN: You played Roy Hobbs in the Natural, and does --

RR [stares at interviewer icily]: Yes. I did.

ESPN [flustered]: Yes, you did. When you watch David Ortiz hit, does -- does he remind of you of Roy Hobbs?

[Brief pause]

RR: No.
My new hero. C'mon Sox -- let's get a couple more runs.


  1. 8th inning bullpen work: phenomenal. Bradford-Myers-Timlin. Reminds me of Game 2 of last year's ALDS. Hopefully this'll shut up the Francona critics for a while.

  2. Nice. C'mon White Sox. Let's see Konerko, Iguchi...

  3. ...didn't need them. Nice. So the Chicago starters are rested, but they used 8 pitchers. This is all good.