Saturday, October 01, 2005

And so...

...the de facto postseason has begun. A best-of-three series between the Sox and the Yankees (2 games at Fenway, one at Yankee Stadium), winner takes the AL East. Loser now has a real shot at the postseason also, given that Cleveland lost their game against the White Sox's bench (after losing 2 of 3 from Tampa Bay). But who cares: the division is within sight.

Win today; win tomorrow; get a day off.


  1. ...And, as usual, I'm totally wrong. I had assumed Cleveland would win at least 2. Cleveland's collapse down the stretch run gave the Yanks an opening to clinch today. Which they did.

    Let's win tomorrow, and get Monday off.

  2. And sadly, the most entertaining playoff possibility - a three way tie - is now impossible. So, the playoffs will begin on schedule, including either the Cleveland Indians or the Boston Red Sox. Magic number: 1.