Sunday, October 02, 2005

Non-Red Sox question

Jimmy Rollins just got a hit (2, actually), extending his hit streak to 36 games. On the last game of the season. So what happens to the streak? If there's a one-game playoff (unlikely -- Astros are winning, and Oswalt is on fire), does that count? What about the playoffs? I assume hit streaks carry over to new seasons?


  1. I wish someone would answer this, cuz I do not know either. I'll check back later as it just went to 3-0 Sox. But we will know the Indian score before this one ends, so some will say we backed in because we won AFTER Cleveland lost. Oh well, who cares, we KEEP PLAYING.

  2. I seem to recall having this question at some point; it was answered by someone telling me that streaks can be recognized as crossing over seasons. I can't provide any definitive proof, though.

  3. I have the answer, but it's probably too late for anyone to come back here to this post and find it. The streak starts back up again in game 1 of th 2006 season.