Friday, October 21, 2005

Random Thoughts for Friday

Gammons wrote on ESPN about Manny being traded “Another possibility would be Arizona, if Boston would take some of the contracts the Diamondbacks are trying to move, including Troy Glaus and Luis Gonzalez.” Huh? We are going to take back money? Are you kidding me?

Meet Scott Podsednik’s fiancee.

Look the fat kid made the majors.

Did anyone else notice that Billy Wagner’s agent is named Bean Stringfellow. I think this is a bad joke or something. "Yeah my agent's name is John Cocktosen."


  1. If the Diamondbacks want to get rid of Glaus, the Angels should answer that call.

  2. BTW, Dergin is cool in real life, too, having worked with her. Unlike that brunette bimbo on fox.