Friday, October 14, 2005

Random Thoughts for Friday

What a performance by Oswalt. The AB by Edmonds in the 5th, with 2 on was awesome. Oswalt just went right at him. And then froze him.

I'm sure it is just "negotiations" but I can't be the only one that thinks "If Theo wants $2.5 million, give him $2.5." Hell, that is about how much the Sox paid Mark Bellhorn in 2005 (not to pick on Bellhorn, just putting it in perspective). At this point, Theo has accomplished about as much (if not more) as Billy Beane had when the Sox made that offer to Beane. Except, as Joe Morgan would say "Theo did not write a best selling baseball book, like Billy Beane has."

And if Schilling gets and extra $16 Million for helping the Sox win the WS, now they are going to short change Theo? I don't get it.

Did you guys see this story. Classic.

I enjoy seeing a resurgence of Penn State football. Hopefully, they can have one more great season and Joe-Pa can go off into the sunset.

ND-USC. I thought that they usually played really late in the season, but regardless, this should be a good game. If only for the ex-Patriot factor. I was a bit surprised to not see Bob Ryan have a column today about it. In fact, we could probably write it for him.

Is anyone surprised that Romanowski used steroids? Why does the media even bother.

Wow, since when did I ever write about football. weird.

Please, please can we just let ball-gate end. Here's to the playoffs.


  1. Trivia question - what is the tie breaker in the mlb draft for teams that finish the season with the same record?

  2. Cage match between the GM's.

  3. No. But, does raise some interesting questions. Say you had a battle royal who is out first and who is out last?

    Thanfully for his sake, Ed Wade was let go by Philly. He probably would have had a heart attack simply hearing Michael Buffer announce his name. So for first one out, maybe someone would grab Depodesta's computer and smash him over the head with it. Or one of the old guys would be first to go (Dombrowski).

    As for last standing, I would have to go with Billy Beane outlasting Mike Flanagan - although before Beattie got canned, Flanagan and Beattie as a team would have been tough to beat.

  4. Seriously, what's the answer? Last to win a World Series?

  5. Record in the previous season.

  6. I was totally gonna guess that when I read the original trivia question. But a cage match would be fantastic. I'd have to go with Riccardi, though; he looks like one of those little scrappy guys that hold no punches.

  7. Good call on Riccardi. Beane is a very big guy - a former 1st round draft pick. I think Riccardi was a very good athlete growing up as well.

    If Hershieser ever gets a GM job, I would take him over just about anyone.