Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Only one thought today

In one of the very, very earliest posts in the history of GYS, we discussed the relative strengths of the two leagues.

The general consensus was that the AL is the better league - and this really is backed up on a lot of fronts. One thing I found interesting is look at the pitching performances this post season from pitchers that were pitching in the AL within just the last two years.

Clemens, Carpenter, Hudson, Mulder, Suppan (kind of), Pettitte.


  1. Yup. And the best NL pitcher who wasn't in the postseason? Pedro Martinez.

  2. Starking on the weekly dig cover from a few weeks ago-- The guy on the left has a livejournal and wrote about the photo shoot. The guy on the right wasn't really a Yankees fan, which is why the cap and jersey looked so cheap.



  3. Don't all Yankee jersies and caps look cheap?