Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Random Thoughts for Today

This one shocked me. The team layed down on him. Sure there were distractions and injuries, but god they sucked at the end. And with Camden Yards not being the guaranteed sell out it used to be plus the new TV network, and competition from the Nats, I would have expected them to do something to generate more buzz.

Ozzie ran the White Sox out of a couple of potential rallys. Yet escaped criticism. Oh well.

Lou Pinella was actually pretty good. In fact, he did something I had not seen - he managed to get McCarver to actually be quiet. For long stretches of time.

I am a bit surprised that both games today are at 5:00. I remember having to leave work very early last year to catch Game 5 of the ALCS - of course the 14 innings meant it overlapped anyway. I guess for games 1 and 2 they don't stagger the starts.

And if I manage to get out of work early tonight and catch some of the games, I will be able to get another book review done.


  1. Man, does Fox have rights to both? That whole "tiny screen" thing they were doing during the last Sox-Yanks series has terribly annoying,

  2. Yeah they are doing the Fox, FX split. which means, yes, they will probably do split screens.

    I didn't see the saturday game (since I was there) but a lot of people were pretty pissed from what I hear.

  3. Another random thought. Why isn't Casey Kotchman playing more? That guy has some power.