Monday, October 31, 2005


Theo is gone.


  1. Here's the CHB article that the Herald said changed Theo's mind. I'm confused. It's a stupid article, but doesn't seem any more idiotic than anything else CHB as written. As much as I want to blame Lucchino and CHB, I'm going to hold off judgement until we get the full story.

  2. i feel sick. the same chb article that made me want to puke when I read it over it's obvious falseness, the same chb article I actually bothered to write a post regarding I was so disgusted. I can't believe theo is deserting us because of that prick.

    i bet it was the part claiming theo had told lucchino to ax the bigbie deal. I wonder if it was complete bullshit, or just not disclosed by theo.

  3. This one is bad.

    And to think all along, that we thought the dysfunctional organization was the one 200 miles to the South. They had the meddling ownership group. The media leaks. And the lack of championships.

    But nooooooo.

    This is rotten. But somehow, I don't think it is over. Maybe John Henry will float in and be the mediator. After all, the guy did not make a billion dollars by being a fool...

  4. As I continue to digest this, the thoughts that jump to my mind are:

    The Dodgers somewhat surprisingly fired Depo this weekend. Is that in an any way related to Theo now saying no? I have heard they are interviewing gillick, but still with McCourt's ties to Boston, you never know what affection he may have for Theo. Did he reach out over the weekend?

    People just don't walk away from $4.5 million unless they know they can get it elsewhere - know, not think. And while I'm sure theo is surpremely confident in his abilities, it is still his dream job and $4.5 MM. Lets list the people that rue the day they left Boston, in no particular order - Fred Lynn, Fisk, Mo Vaughn, Bruce Hurst, Bob Zupcic (okau I made that one up), hell I even heard Shea Hillenbrand saying this year that he missed the energy of Boston.

    But still, until Theo takes another job, I have a hard time thinking it is done. Kind of like when the Pats were going to move to Hartford. Really? I'll believe it when I see it.

  5. Well I admire your optimism, but I just don't see it.

    I was thinking that about the Dodgers as well. Think of the pitch McCourt would make: $120M payroll, great farm system, and a chance to become the hero of another city with a long baseball history.

  6. Good rundown of DePo's career with the Dodgers here. It was posted before the Theo resigning, but includes the line "do you think Boston native McCourt has the hots for young Theo?"

    One commenter says "McCourt and Lasorda have said they want to return to the 'Dodger Way,' ie Hershiser and Valentine. Epstein has no attachment to the Dodgers." If this is true (I don't read the LA papers) that sort of shoots down that theory...

  7. Optimism might be a stretch. But it wouldn't shock me if this is not dead. remember when the A-rod talks were cut off. then resumed. then cutoff. Of course he did end up NOT coming to the Sox. But the point is, until he is a dodger or a padre (I just don't see him going to TB or even Philly), there is a chance.

  8. this is about integrity, not money, x. Theo knows he'll get something at least close to that elsewhere; a few hundred grand were never the real issue in Boston. Short of giving Lucchino the axe, there is nothing John Henry can do.