Tuesday, October 25, 2005

While we are on the subject

And we all agree Simmons is 100% more funny than Caple. Its time for a book review.

This entry - Now I Can Die in Peace. By none other than Bill Simmons. Continued in comments.

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  1. The book is a collection of Simmons’ articles from about 2001 through the 2004 WS – actually through opening day 2005. When I purchased it on Amazon, I thought it was going to include more new material, but I was not disappointed. Sure we have all read most of the columns he has written, but (I think) we all think he is pretty damn funny. Plus he has footnoted each column, which provide for some pretty funny comments as well – the benefits of 20/20 hindsight.

    The best parts were the aforementioned postscripts, remembering just how bad some of the earlier teams were (even if they did make the playoffs, some of these teams were bad), and recounting the down, then up, then down quite a bit and then up, up and away of a season that was 2004 – all from Simmons’ hysterical perspective.

    This one is a solid wall ball double. Like most rope doubles, would be a homerun in any other park. But since I had actually read most of the columns before, it is limited to a double.