Saturday, October 15, 2005

Random Thoughts for Saturday

Man, CHI pitching continues to impress. Dare I say that this year might be lining up just right for them.... I do not like Ozzie Guillen or AJ, which would be the only reason to root against CHI. I need to keep reminding myself - "this is better than the Yankees, this is better than the Yankees, this is better than the Yankees...."

I have not read the Globe today, but I think Ryan is covering the LAA-CHI series. Which pretty much means that with O-Cab's HR last night, it will give him one more opportunity to rip Renteria, because, yes if we had resigned O-Cab, the sox pitchers probably would not have give up 24 runs in 3 games to the Pale Hose.

I read these stories about the Yanks (and to a lesser extent, the sox) signing BJ Ryan. I can’t help being skeptical. A proven left handed closer, with filthy, filthy stuff (285 K in 207 innings the last 3 years). And we are supposed to believe he will sign with the MFY to be a set up man? With his pedigree, he should get at least Foulke money. Are the Yanks going to give $8MM per year to set up? Maybe they will. They have taken all of MLB to new levels in the past for middle relief (Karsay, Chirs Hammond Gordon, Quantrill come to mind). And would Ryan be willing to accept that role? At least with the Sox, they could say, “we’ll make you the closer and we are trying to deal Foulke.” Apparently Ryan has said he would accept a set-up for a winning team, but does this not smack of "Lets get the Yankees and Red Sox to drive up my price?" I guess one way or another we will see the first $8MM set up man next year.

I love how the talk is that NY wants to take a run at Torii Hunter, but Cano is now untouchable. I mean sure he is a low cost option, but its not like he is the second coming of Soriano of Jeff Kent. At least I don’t think so. He does have one thing in common. Its like when the sox (and some fans) didn’t want to trade Casey Fossum for Colon. Or Nixon for Sosa.

This one passed without comment on these boards - Ramirez reportedly wants to discuss the direction of the franchise: What free agents are being pursued, what the payroll will be next year, whether the Red Sox will be a playoff team, etc. Seriously. I can just see it now, Manny and Bill James sitting down in Theo’s office debating the relative values and VORPs of Bill Meuller vs. Kevin Youkilis as the everyday 3B.

Along the same lines as my recent defense of Renteria….. I forget where I read it, but there is some noise about the upcoming FA class and a reference to how weak it is coupled with how last year’s market was overpriced. There were references to Kris Benson, Carl Pavano, Matt Clement, Jaret Wright, Eric Milton and Russ Ortiz. Sure he wore down a little (maybe even a lot, who knows how much affect the beaning had) at the end, but Clement had the best season of any of those guys. And he may have been the best overall FA pitcher with the possible exception of Lieber. Without Clement, the Sox don’t make the playoffs.


  1. I wonder if Manny will remember to go to his meeting.

  2. Clement was the best of the bigger-name FA pitchers, but Millwood and Byrd both overperformed him for a ton less money. Still, it's nice to see that at least we didn't get an utter bust, like most of the guys you listed.

  3. White Sox - Astros WS? Wow. Never saw that coming...

  4. I love Phil Garner and I wish he was at the healm here in Boston...

    Look at how he uses his pitching! Of course, his starters are studs, but he just throws his relievers out there day after day for multiple batters without regard for pitch count.

    Every choice that guy has made so far has paid off...Amazing!

    This doesn't work in the regular season (throwing guys out there for a million pitches everyday (ask Joe Torre), but in the postseason it is a must. It makes me rethink that Game 1 against the ChiSox and how Clement was left out there for so long. No way that any of the remaining managers does that.

    Not throwing Francona under the bus here, just making an observation.

    As for Manny, here's a quote from the meeting, "Enjoy being on the NY Mets and finishing in last place...bye!" Seriously, the Sox outslugged everybody this year and where did it get them? 900+ runs? Awesome. Home early? Not so awesome.

    I am in the school (now) of getting some massive pitching...That is where the money must go. Minaya will take Ramirez. I think that irrevocable waivers move would work this year. You could probably get 2-3 players for Manny's money. We will also be pairing back with Papelbon as a starter, Hansen as a reliever, Cora and Pedroia splitting time at second, and Youk at 3rd or 1st. Also, this whole thing of who would replace Manny's numbers? I don't know, get two guys to put up his numbers. Who cares? Better, more aggressive fielders, who can run the bases is the way to go...

    Byrd is available this year. Go get him...Make some teams other offers they can't refuse.

    Other thoughts...
    The Cards might be breaking up their team a little if they don't get to the series this year. This core just doesn't get it done in the postseason. Who'd go?

    The same can be said of the Angels. Who goes?

  5. I think everyone here agrees we need some upgrades in pitching. We've been saying it since July.

    Major problem this offseason is that there is not much available. And everyone is going to be looking to add pitching. Byrd would be nice, but he is likely to command Clement money.

    Interesting thing on him is that he is one of the few pitchers to leave ATL and get better.

    I assume shake it up means "get a number one starter." Problem is what do we have to offer? Lets start with Ortiz. Which won't happen. But then to land a true number one, we are talking about 3 top, top players - say Arroyo, Hanley Ramirez and Jon Lester. Is Barry Zito worht that? The market is really thin.

    And as far as Ramirez in concerned, they would be crazy to trade him. I 100% disagree that you replace him with two guys. I don't care if you get two guys to hit .290 with 25 HR and 80 RBI each - that does not equal 1 Manny. You also have to factor in the likely decrease in Ortiz' production without Manny batting behind him.

    Lastly, I don't see either STL or ANA breaking themselves up much.

    STL has had a run of bad luck (none more so than the Rolen injury). Most of those guys will be back. Walker and Morris are gone and Sanders is likely gone. Carpenter and Mulder are back. They have a stud young pitcher in anthony reyes. Jocketty is one of the best GMS in the game and he will keep the parts that are worth the money and expect them to contend again.

    As for ANA, a shake up might be coming. But not likely much for them to deal. Washburn is a FA and likely to be gone. Byrd? I imagine they try to keep him. Their biggest mission should be to keep Molina (Bengie not Jose), although watch for the Yanks to run at him. They can afford to lose Wash since they have Colon, Lackey, Sanatan, Byrd (If they sign him) and maybe plug Escobar back in the rotation. They have a lot of talent, albeit in the form of role players on that roster. Any moves they make would be to put a couple of those guys together to get a more consistent bat (probably an IF corner guy).

    Should be a fun offseason.

  6. My point is that even if Ortiz's production goes down that it wouldn't kill the Sox. The Sox don't have to score 900 runs to make the playoffs if they pitch better and play better fundamentally...

    The reason they won it all in 04 was that everyone in the lineup was hitting (that wasn't happening this year) and the pitching was untouchable after Game 3 in the ALCS.

    Being that Pedroia and Cora are the 2b next year, I'd like to see the Sox add guys that make that lineup deeper.

    With Manny...


    With Tek and Nixon that can be a fairly weak lineup with only Manny and Ortiz really producing.

    As for trades...Arroyo is available...Nixon is available. Manny is available (even if you have to eat some of it)....

    I have a trade...What about Manny for Pedro? That's a joke...But I think I'd do it...

    As for the Sox infield next year...

    ??? 1B
    Cora/Pedroia 2b
    Renteria/Cora SS
    Youk 3B

    They need a very good first baseman (fielding-wise). So, I don't think they are in the running for Konerko...But who else is out there? What about Palmiero? Ok, that is silly. I apologize.

  7. Trade with MILW for Lyle Overbay.

    That would be my favorite. They have Prince Fielder coming up and Overbay is the classic Theo type player. Of course now that just about every other GM is the "under 35, stat appreciating type," the Brew crew should be able to get a small ransom for Lyle.