Monday, October 31, 2005

New Outfield? New team?

Manny wants out...again...Time to go. Sorry, I will not listen to how great his numbers are, etc...How many times do we have to listen to this crap?

A few weeks ago Manny and his reps wanted to talk to the Sox about the direction in which the team was going (i.e.- are they going for the WS win in '06?). Apparently, Manny and his peeps didn't like the response. Does this mean the Sox are actually looking at a rebuilding (but competitive) year or two here? With a look at the current roster possibilities, there are many, many holes. There is a good chance with Manny forcing this trade that the Sox brass may very well blow it all up and look to catch lightning in a bottle with the young stars.

I believe that the Sox will take this chance to shed themselves of the rest of Duquette's doings.

With Theo staying, though, they will more than likely continue with the "Money Ball" philosophy. Gets some guys on and bash them home. However, they MUST pursue pitching.

Wells, it is reported, is not going to be a Bostonian next year. That leaves Schilling, Wake, Clement, Arroyo, and Papelbon. They definitely need to pursue a starter, and a top-of-the-rotation type at that. And what about the bullpen? Who is left? Foulke, Timlin (is he a free agent?), and Hansen. They need a ton of arms out there.

But...and here's the part that most Sox fans don't want to look at right now...Is there enough of a team to try to salvage here? Can Theo be expected to rebuild a starting rotation, a bullpen, the entire infield (minus the SS position) and two-thirds of the OF? Also, Kapler will probably miss a portion of the season so there goes your fourth outfielder for a while.'s the lineup (without Manny)

??? (Cora?)

Rookies coming up this year?
Papelbon (first full year)

I will be very impressed if Theo is able to put together a competitive team looking at the core here. And don't expect much in return for Mr. Ramirez. Thanks to his stupid PR people, every other team in MLB now knows that he will not play for the Sox next year no matter. Try trading someone like that and getting something resembling equal value in return.

I have heard rumblings of Erstad for Ramirez...Do it. With the infield of Youk, Renteria, and Pedroia the Sox are going to need a gold-glover at first.


  1. The leak was from a team source, not from Manny's camp, so sadly it's the Sox' own damn fault that the trade request went public, not Manny's. But yeah, that was a MAJOR screwup, and it's painful to think about.

    Here's the question I have: he's threatening not to show up to Spring Training. Isn't that a breach of contract? Don't they get to, you know, not pay him? Why is that any sort of bargaining chip?

    If Manny goes, and someone else amazing doesn't take his place, the Sox are in serious trouble. Ortiz will be walked about as much as Barry Bonds. It will not be fun to watch.

  2. It is a bargaining chip in that his salary still goes against the cap. So, now not only do they not have a left fielder/power hitter, but they are also still short $20MM essentially because of the luxury tax.

    The Manny trade talk came from the organization. I don't really have a problem with that. It was Manny's camp that said he will not play in Boston next year no matter what.

    For some reason, though, they aren't allowed to just cut him. Let's see. You refuse to work for an unbelievable amount of money, but you can't get fired. Nice job security. Then, of course, you can show up at spring training and then refuse to play AND get paid.

    Still, I think that the Sox could blow this whole thing up and try to build from within.

    You could also make the argument that the Sox get someone with Ortiz-type potential (I am talking like they did with Ortiz after his so-so years with the Twins) and stick him in front of Ortiz in the batting order.

    Using X's arguments during the playoff threads (or just prior to the playoffs), if the Sox lose Manny and get a 20-25 HR guy that drives in 100, and Ortiz (because of all the walks) put up 25 HR, 100 RBI, but the Sox get two pitchers that help lower the team ERA overall by a run, does that offset the Ramirez loss?

    I have to think that lowering the abysmal team ERA by a run while dropping off 100-162 overall runs produced would still produce a competitive team...

    Overall, I still think that this team has too many holes now to fill in one off-season.

  3. The Manny trade talk came from the organization. I don't really have a problem with that.

    I have a huge problem with it. As you said in the initial post, now all other teams know they're desperate to get rid of him. If this had been done secretly, at least they may have managed a decent trade. Now, not so much.

    Like I said, I'm pretty sure he won't get paid if he refuses to show up to work -- breach of contract. But you're right about the luxury tax issues, which are interesting.

    And yeah, lowering the ERA would reap massive benefits. But I just don't see the offense doing anything without some protection for Ortiz. We'll see if they find someone (Konerko may be the best option out there).

    I agree about having too many holes to fill. It's like the Dutch boy putting his finger in the dyke.
    (My god, now that I typed that...was that really a children's story?)

    At least we have a GM. That's a start.


  4. At least we have a GM. That's a start.

    Oh, poop. Spoke too soon.

  5. Well, they would have to put it out there that Manny wants to be traded. He's a 10/5 guy so there's not a whole lot of spin room. That was a matter of time, either way.

    I do think that "I will not show up at spring training" completely devalues Manny for the Sox.

    Looks like Josh Byrnes may be the guy to step in to that GM role for the Sox.

    God, I hope Lucchino doesn't drag the Red Sox down. I am getting sick from all of this leaking to the Globe crap.

    I don't think Konerko is that guy for us. He hits a ton of HRs and would probably hit 50 with the Green Monster, but the infield the Sox have lined up might not be the best. I think they need a 20HR guy with a great glove at first.

    Their power is going to have to come from the outfield. That means Damon probably goes, and if Manny goes...Well, two guys at 20-25 HRs...I am thinking either Jacque Jones or Hunter ends up in Boston. Not sure who the other one would be...

  6. Looks like Josh Byrnes may be the guy to step in to that GM role for the Sox.

    Guess again. He's now the GM of the Arizona Diamonbacks. Deep, deep doo-doo.

  7. This whole thing is nonsense. Manny will be back.

    I thought the leak was from the agent and as we all know agent's are scum and will say just about anything. And the article says "team source" but who really knows what that means.

    The same article said - "With that in mind, Mato told Henry that Ramirez might decide during the process of being shopped that he wishes to remain with the Sox."

    And while I think 100% that they should keep Ramirez at all costs, GR does raise a good point in that you have to look at everything together. If you get a lesser bat to plug into the 4 hole but shore up the pitching a ton, then things may not be so bad. I doubt they can do it all in swoop (get the bat and two pitchers). But lets just say they give up 100 runs but prevent 100 more runs (162 would be a very big drop).

    The pythagorean record of the less offense model would be 92 wins (or two more than last years). so in theory, it could work. My biggest worry is that there is a lack of good pitching out there.

    Not sure the salary cap issues come into play. Next year the cap number is $146 Million. I just don't see the Sox approaching that (or exceeding it, since that is really what matters).

  8. If the Sox dropped off 162 runs down next year, they will still score 748 runs which puts them in line with division winners like Anaheim and Chicago.

    Of course, our ERA was in the high 4's. If Schilling comes back even as a 15-win/3.50ERA and Foulke doesn't blow up that helps a lot. I don't think it is unreasonable to expect the team's ERA to come down to around 4 if they add another starter and a good bullpen arm.