Thursday, October 27, 2005


Well, that didn’t take long.

I guess my prediction was only half right. I knew he wouldn’t go, but thought he would drag it on. I’m sure Bobby Cox is thrilled to have a comment like that made public. But then again from a guy who has beaten his wife, why should he care if he looks or sounds petty.


  1. Yeah, this doesn't come as a shock. I guess we'll be dealing with him for a few years.

    On ESPN last night I saw a guy claiming to have been a Cub fan for 32 years announce he switched over to being a White Sox fan the last 3 weeks. That's just gross.

  2. Its gross, but I totally believe it. I imagine he is a Cubs fan in much the same way that I am a fan of IN N OUT Burgers - sure I like them, every now and then I will enjoy one, but if a new more tasty burger joint opened up across the street, I would be there pronto.

    One of my favorite past times when I lived in NY would be to bade my co-workers, who by 1996 were ALL Yankee fans, into admitting that they were actually Mets fans in the 80s. Once I got them to admit that, they were done.