Tuesday, October 18, 2005

This just in.... Pujols Homer Just Landed

Man, I thought that homer would NEVER come down. The AP is reporting that some Canadian farmer found the remains of a baseball in his field at 10:30 AM this morning. Apparently, the leather was still smoldering.

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  1. Funny, before Eckstein got on in the 9th, I was thinking back to GR's earlier question about a possible shake-up of the Cards. well, I doubt we will see one of their players, but then I started thinking about whether Larussa was in danger - especially after his tirade the other night.

    Of course in a short series anything can happen, but he sure has had a history of coming up short - then again Bobby Cox has as well, and he is likely to be manager of the year, so I guess it all comes down to expectations.

    With McKeon stepping down and Pinella leaving, that leaves as active managers who have won a WS - Francona, Scioscia, Torre, LaRussa and soon to be manager again Leyland. Its a small group.