Monday, October 17, 2005

Good Grief

So now, A-Rod's mom is saying A-Rod struggled in the post season because his uncle died. Please. So what was his excuse last year when he went 1-whatever in the last four games of the LCS. Maybe his therapist will provide an excuse for that collapse.

I know, I know. I should be sensitive. And I know how hard it is to lose a loved one. But really. You should be able to put it behind you for a few hours and go do your job.

Clemens did it the day HIS MOTHER DIED.
Last year, Rivera flew to Panama for the funeral of his cousin and his cousin's child. And still made it back. closed games 1 and 2. Do we hear his mommy offerring up excuses that "Mo was still rocked by the family deaths and that is why he coughed up consecutive games." Um, no I don't think so.
Brett Favre. And I'm sure about a dozen other high profile athletes have been able to temporarily put aside their grief.

This guys is unbelievable. I'm sure he is thrilled with his mom at this point. Classic.


  1. A-Rod is just one of these guys that tries SO HARD to be liked that it winds up coming off as ridiculous. e really needs to just shut his yap and play. It would do his image wonders.

  2. yeah, A-Rod is such a choker he has a .300+ postseason average.

    Should be .400 at least.

  3. Did you see the word choke up there anywhere?

    Um no, I thought not.

    Even A-Rod admits he struggled. He apologized to his teammates and coaches for not producing more. Which really just contributes to Andrew's point.

  4. Shawn is awesome. Talk about defensive!


  5. I doubt shawn will be back. I think he has to go trim his moustache.

    What a bomb by Poo-holes.

  6. Hey...speaking of stories...where has Murray Chass gone?