Monday, October 10, 2005

Breaking News

Anaheim, California October 10, 2005 - New York Yankee spokesman Howard Rubenstein today announced that George Steinbrenner happily has entered into a five year agreement that is expected to regain and extend the Yankee dominance of MLB. Under the contract, whose exact terms were not released, Steinbrenner will deliver his soul and the souls of approximately two or three dozen Tri-State area millionaires to Satan. The deal is effectively immediately and is reminiscent of an earlier five year deal the parties had entered into in the period early 1996 and expired at the end of October 2001.

In other news, LA Angel starter and Cy Young favorite, Bartolo Colon was removed from the decisive Game 5 of the AL Division series this evening. Colon's removal from the game forced into action Angel rookie Ervin Santana.


  1. Hades October 10, 2005 - Not so fast. We don't want Gary Sheffield around here.

  2. Bottom of the 3rd: Big Unit comes in, meaning the Yankees have $35M of pitchers in this single game (Mussina + Johnson). This basically ties the previous major league record, also held by the New York Yankees in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, in which Clemens, Mussina, Wells, and Rivera all pitched.