Friday, October 07, 2005

Three and out

Well, that didn't work out quite the way we had planned, huh? It's amazing -- on this site we've been going on for months about how this Sox team is not built for the postseason (the first post I can find was August 13), and so fully saw this coming, but...well, sometimes you really hope you're wrong about some things.*

So this sucks. But you know what? For me at least, it doesn't...super-suck. Given the utter joy of last year's Win, and utter misery of the previous year's Loss, this hurts, but not in a heart-ripped-out-of-my-chest-and-thrown-into-the- garbage-disposal sort of way. No, it just sucks. There's next year, and a very exciting off-season (let's get all 7 closers that are on the market, just in case), to look forward to. Am I alone in feeling this?

Meanwhile, let's go Angels. I really don't want to have to root for the White Sox in the ALCS.

* and in a sense, our predictions were wrong, I guess: it wasn't so much the pitching, and certainly not the bullpen, but rather the hitting -- or utter lack thereof -- that lost it. Oh well.


  1. Yeah, this sucks, but definitely not in the super-suck category. That was generally reserved for Aaron Boone type losses.

    And using an analogy I have used a hundred times, if you had told me a year ago that the Sox would win the WS in 04, but then they would finish in last place for the next five years, I would have agreed "in a second." Of course in some regards, last place is better because with this year's team we ended up with a little thing called hope. Even though we knew the team was flawed, we couldn't help but wonder - maybe they can catch lightening in a bottle just like last year. And that was the most enjoyable aspect of the 2005 season for me.

    Sure at times we were negative, but in reality we were just being realistic. But even in many of those posts, we often said "If they just get hot for a few few weeeks...."

    Oh well, once the Yanks are eliminated it should make for a really enjoyable postseason. Being able to watch an LCS and WS without the stress of really, really wanting one team to win or lose - that will be fun.

    As I wrote earlier, if it comes down to the White Sox versus the Yanks I would actually root for, well armageddon.

    Andrew made the observation that he was impressed with our 89 comments in the last thread - but I think about half of them were some variation of "c'mon so and so" and then "this sucks."

  2. One more quickk comment - with the injuries and current crop of free agents, this offseason does appear to be even more important that last year's. Sure, Damon is the only big name FA, but there are lots of roles to be filled. Not a lot on the market. And with the dearth of free agents, I can see some real old fashioned baseball trades.