Sunday, October 02, 2005

Another question

One month ago today I commented the fact that Joe Torre replaced 7 of his 8 position players. In the 6th inning of today's game he outdid himself, replacing all 8:

- M. Bellhorn at third
- T. Womack at second
- F. Escalona at shortstop
- M. Vento in right field
- M. Lawton in left field
- W. Nieves catching
- B. Crosby in center field
- A. Phillips at first

I don't think I'd ever heard of Mike Vento before (turns out he has only one career at at-bat).

The inning also featured a pitching change (F-Rod for Franklin), two pinch runners (Shoppach for Ortiz, and Machado for Manny), and two pinch hitters (Mirabelli, whose HR made the pinch runners sort of useless, for Varitek, and Hanley Ramirez for Tony G). That's 13 substitutions in a single half-inning. Is that a record?

[P.S. 46 players used total, for an 9 inning game (8 1/2 innings, really). Is that a record?]


  1. Hey, Earl, what happened to monkeys in the sand?

  2. Oh yeah, that. It never really co-blogger's wife had a baby and as his life became insane he stopped posting. A huge loss for all of mankind, really.

    What, were you a huge fan?