Wednesday, October 05, 2005

ALDS Game 2: open thread

A slightly better 1st inning than yesterday. Already matched yesterday's total offense, and the Sox starting pitcher looks like he knows how to pitch. Let's keep it up -- anyone online?


  1. Sutcliffe: "I think the winner of this game wins the series".

    Fuck. Given that Sutcliffe is always wrong, do we have to root for Chicago today?

  2. Yeah but assume we win and he will probably say on friday the same exact thing.

    smart move walking manny.

    go tek!!!

  3. What would be great is if he said that in Game 5. "You know, Boomer, I think the winner of this game will win the series."

    Seriously though, Piazza's not bad. A lot like Leiter last year -- often runs out of things to say, but has real insights when we talks. Though in the shots of them he's always nodding at everything Sutcliffe and Boomer says. I know he's coached to do that, but it'd be hilarious if he just stared at them icily. Or shook his head in disgst.

    Wells -- wow. I like this game, so far. This point yesterday we were down by 6.