Saturday, September 24, 2005


The Yanks lose, for only the 2nd time in their last 13 games. Hard to call the Sox's woes a "choke" when that's what they're up against.

Note to the Red Sox: you are one game back in the win column. WIN TODAY PLEASE.


  1. Yes a Sox win today would be nice. Aside from Schilling beating them, when was the last time the Sox won on the same day the Yanks lost - it was almost two weeks ago.

    The nation got what they wanted - Hansen being used in a key spot. Sure hope the Sox pull it out. You think Tito can say to the camera and the Nation "I told you so."

    Like you said Earl - Damned if you do.....

    WRT: Hard to call the Sox's woes a "choke" when that's what they're up against.

    So would you say the same thing about the Pale Hose as well?

    They have played .500 ball the last month, but CLE has gone something like 24-8. I guess the view of whether or not they will have choked will come down to how they play next weekend. Both Sox teams will likely have a chance to win their way in.

    You kow I want to go back and see ir Perlozzo managed like this when they played NY and hope he does as well next week - bringing in his closer in the top of the 8th? In a tie game?

  2. Actually it was Tuesday September 6th, but then again the Yanks are 13-3 since then. well 13-4 including today.

  3. My god, this game. It's tied, but I can't help but feel they're going to lose.

    Also, Clement looked quite bad. It's seriously a miracle it's not 5-2.

    Anyway, no, I wouldn't say the Pale Hose choked. They played so far over their head for 3 months; I don't see why .500 ball for the last 3 (which is about what I had expected from them) is choking.

    Papelbon giving up a leadoff hit. Awesome.

  4. If I wasn't so pissed at this game, I would go back and read some of our quotes about how if the (white) Sox played .500 ball from X date, that they would still win XX games and finish 95-67, etc.

  5. I love Edgahhhh!!!

    Check out this prediction from Matt. Not bad. He had the Yanks
    and the White Sox tied for the WC. Still could happen.

  6. Wow, thank god. Tied for first again!

    Hopefully Edgar's coming out of his slump. Before that key hit he was 6 for his last 46. Nice stats for a number 2 hitter who leads the MLB in errors, huh?

    Never thought I'd say it, but: the defense won that game. It sure wasn't the hitting, and the pitching was much worse than the score would suggest (O's had 10 hits and 7 walks!).

  7. Re: White Sox predictions, I feel strongly that what's going on now is no huge surprise. I called the Indians for the AL Central (so did you), and as late as late June I said "I continue to maintain they'll cool off substantially before the end of the season". But that's not much of a gutsy prediction: it was pretty obvious from looking at the numbers.

  8. Yeah I agree that it is not really a collapse. The media love to hype these things, but reality is when teams go on streaks an win 80-90% of their games the "losers" will look bad. I feel pretty good if we get back to Fenway friday even. We rarely lose series at home. of course going in up a game would be even nicer.

    I can't wait to read the papers tomorrow. Two things of note that I've mentioned before (right or wrong). Tito can now say stuff it to everyone who says Hansen should close and I really wonder about BAL using Ryan in the 9th. I guess I shouldn't worry about Ryan as we have owned him all year.