Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Yikes!! Redux

Tough one today. Wells gave up a ton of hits, but it was not as bad as it looks. The HR to Chavez was a bomb and hatteberg hit the ball hard in the first, but other than that there were a lot of really weak hits.


  1. We just lost two series in a row. To Seattle and Oakland. Yanks have been playing the same two teams, and have gained four games in the AL East standings. And the Orioles keep winning. This hurts.

  2. And our schedule does not get any easier. 18 straight against teams with winning records - 12 of whom are currently in first place.

    Looks like we need to keep our heads above water for the next 3 weeks and then string together a nice run the following three weeks against CIN, PIT, CLE, and PHI.

    This season is reminding me a lot of last year.

    At least the Yankees don't have all their problems solved. The bullpen is still a bit shaky.

  3. And I know we were already down 4-0, but I'm surprised Kotsay didn't get a fastball in his back the second time up. Dropping down a bunt on the first AB when Wells is just coming back from the DL. I know you do what you do to win, but Wells (or someone) needs to be a bit of an enforcer.

  4. I assume you also mean the line score with the no hitter in progress.