Sunday, May 08, 2005


While I am not very happy about the outcome of game 2 (Clay Meredith - with the game on the line? are you kidding me?)

I don't see how NY can very excited about beating the anemic A's. The same A's with exactly 1 player over .300 (Kotsay at about .301) and the third lowest runs scored in all of baseball. Big whoop. You'r supposed to win 2 of 3 against the patsies like them.


  1. File this under politicians say the dumbest things:

    "Mayor Thomas M. Menino said he had never heard complaints about excessive drinking at the park (Fenway) and praised the changes."

    Huh? This guy is a season ticket holder. Okay, maybe he has never heard complaints - we have just come to accept that there will always drunk fools at the park. I guess that could be a true statement. If no complaints, why would he feel the need to praise the changes?

  2. It's spelled "Cla". Seriously.

  3. Yeah, I saw that after my post. I guess his parents spelled in that way so that we would talk about that "Y." Instead of the other Why. Like:

    Why is he on our roster?
    Why was he even in a tie game?
    Why did Francona not elect to debut him in Game 1 with 3 run lead.
    Why waste Timlin in a 3 run game with another to follow.
    Why, Why Y!!!!!

  4. Maybe Sexson was on Francona's fantasy team.

  5. Ha Earl... nice one. From what I read the kids been lights out in AA. Still no reason to debut him in a tied game, but then again it was cold, it was a double header, and Franconia might be looking at other considerations. What, I am not sure.

  6. I still don't buy it. It was 6-3 in game one - why not use him then and save Timlin for game 2. Unless the thinking on Francona's behalf was win the first game absolutely no matter what - especially with the 6-3 lead. That way you are assured the split and the 2 of 3 in the series. That is the only thing that can make (even a little) sense.

    If Terry felt comfortable with him in a tie game, well then he should have had no problem running him out there in Game 1.

    He could have sent Cla out there for the 8th and even the 9th if it went well, had Foulke ready if needed. Then going into the 2nd game (where you would have expected, hoped for AND GOT 5 good innings from Miller - you had Halama (6th), Timlin and Embree for the 7th and 8th and Foulke for the 9th.

    Preferably you would like the kid to get in there with about a 5 run lead.

    This one is going to naw at me for a while. I think Terry got a little cocky, which of course, will happen when you have a 5 ame winning streak going.