Saturday, May 14, 2005

Unconventional thinking required?

Okay, so out here in Seattle, I was successful in delivering some inspiration to Renteria - he came through with an RBI and hit the ball hard a couple of times. I think he will be okay,

On another note, I have some serious questions about Tito's strategy last night. Bottom of the 4th, the Sox had just taken the lead in the top (6-5) and Meredith was clearly struggling. Men of 1st and 3rd one out. Clearly Gonazalez is toast. The Sox need some innings out of the pen, so Francona goes to the long man, Halama.

Problem is, Halama is lefty and due up are Beltre then Sexson. Their best power hitters coming up. Team has fought back from deficit twice. I know it is a bit unconventional, but why not bring in Mantei right then. Have him get us out of the 4th. Bring Halama in to start the 5th and hope to get 2+ innings out of him, then you have Timlin, Embree and Foulke. Frustrated the hell out of me. Oh well, they need to bounce back tonight.


  1. I agree with X, I didn't like the call. Funny how Seattle has strung some back-to-back dingers against us. That makes me rethink their chances in the West. (Ok, no it really doesn't).

    It looks like your pep talk to Edgar is paying off. How about that hit before Trot's HR? That was a nice piece of hitting.