Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Gi-AAA-mbi to AAA???

From Earl's email:

Interesting about the Giambi thing becoming an issue about 24 hours after
Olney mentioned it. I guess he knew something was up.


Yeah, I find it intriguing - I can't imagine he will agree to go. If he felt it could help him get back on track, great. But the last thing he would want (I assume) is to get buried in Columbus. My guess is that if he agrees to go, it would be limited to say 30 days.

One of the articles I read noted that since he walks so much, he still has his eye. He just can't hit for shit.

Maybe he will agree to go once he gets booed like crazy. This worries me a little - they've won 4 in a row (albeit against some bad teams). This little Giambi distraction might be just what the rest of the team needs - focus on Jason, not how poorly the team has been playing overall.


  1. I'm not sure I buy the argument that since he's walking a lot he must still have his eye. For one thing, the first time I heard that theory, it was by David Justice on it must be wrong. Seriously: all the guy does is strike out or walk. Since April 18, in 42 AB, he has 7H...14BB...and 20K. He doesn't know how to hit to the opposite field, and everyone puts on the Giambi my guess is he's not looking for hits. I can't find stats on number of swings, or K's swinging vs looking, but I think he mostly just sits there and swings at anything that's in the strike zone.

    This is not to say he doesn't has his eye -- my point is more he's just totally useless.

  2. I think we agree.

    I said:

    One of the articles I read noted that since he walks so much, he still has his eye. He just can't hit for shit.

    And you said: "he's just totally useless."

    With an OBP of .400 he could be useful as a pinch hitter. An $18 MM pinch hitter that you then have to run for...

  3. I know, I was really just responding to David Justice. He reads this blog, right? (Can he read?)

  4. I saw an interview with Giambi last night. He said he thinks he just has a bad habit or two he has to get rid of. He mentioned his high on base percentage. He said he thinks that he pretty much deserves to stay on the pro club...It also sounded like he nixed the idea of going to the minors in a meeting with Torre...

    But...Martinez has found his Yankees Stadium swing. Of course it was against the As and the Mariners but the guy is on fire...

    Kind of like the Sox!!!

  5. Giambi sure has a lot of excuses. I read that was blaming it all on the beaning in his head (which I think hit his shoulder first) and some minor injury to his forearm. He also talked about his "great start." Hitting .269 through two weeks with 3 HR and 5 RBI. I guess that constitutes "great."

    also interested reading from Yankess publicist George King:

    Wang and Cano, the highest ranked pitcher and position player in the Yankees' minor league system...

    Someone should remind him that they are actually the Yankees starting second baseman and number 4 starter.

  6. Funny pictures:

    And one for Earl.