Sunday, May 29, 2005

Good Stuff

Two things:

We finally have made the search results at Google.

A follow up to an earlier post (I can't find, though and too lazy to really look) - As we discussed earlier, Francona gets to pick the All Stars this year. Sox players that should be voted in are Varitek and Ortiz, definitely. And there is a decent chance that Manny gets voted (he was voted last year and all he did was win a WS MVP since - stats notwithstanding). Assume those 3 players make the team, that leaves Damon as a near lock to be selected and possibly Nixon. Clement would appear to be lock and probably Arroyo and/or Timlin. It would be nice for Arroyo to have a few more decent starts to solidfy his selection. Don't be so quick to say no on Timlin. The last two AL teams had Gordon and Brendan Donnelly. And in 2002 Remlinger was picked from the Braves.


  1. From Bill Madden's column today:

    "Theo Epstein, the boy wonder Red Sox GM who has been taking a beating of late on the what-have-you-done-for-us-lately Boston talk radio stations."

    Has he really been taking a beating?

  2. I admittedly don't have access to EEI at all up here, but this would really surprise me if it were true.

  3. I can say that he hasn't been taking a beating. I have been trying to avoid EEI because, well, mostly because they play way too many commercials, and they hang up on everyone that disagrees with their point of view. With that said, I do listen on my commute home.

    He took a beating early on with people saying they should have kept Lowe and Pedro...They were also hitting him on the Renteria signing (very quiet on that front lately).

    It's getting to the point where this blog is the only place to have good opinions about baseball...Well, the GYS is about "biased and unfair"...

    Seriously, I am of the opinion that these writers print everything and do not have to retract any of it. I hammered Eric Wilbur of the Globe the other day in an email. He was trashing Renteria. I said wait until this guy produces and "I know that you will be a coward and not retract any of this garbage"...The countdown is still on...