Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Steroid loophole.

Well, not really a loophole, but this is very interesting.

From the AP news on the Rincon story:

"For right-hander Scott Baker, brought up from Triple-A Rochester to fill Rincon's roster spot, this wasn't the way he envisioned making his major league debut."

A team gets to replace on their roster (active not 40 man) any player suspended for illegal susbstances (I have confirmed this as 100% true). Fight related and other suspensions - the team plays short. So the union gets another job (and MLB salary - albeit short term).

I wonder what the thinking was in making that exception - possibly that a team is going to have multpile participants tested all at once. And if you have 5 positives and suspensions that would be too severe? And how would you decide who to stagger?

I guess it is a minor point considering where we are coming from. Still an interesting observation.


  1. Also if I am caught a second (30 days) or third time (60), that would be a lot of time for a roster to be down a player. And Coach Ron would not be happy.

  2. Juan... shhhh.....

  3. I think in the future most contracts will have a clause deducting serious pay if a player is suspended for using steroids, since the suspension could hurt the team a lot.

  4. Jeremy Giambi5/05/2005 10:31 AM