Saturday, May 07, 2005

Thaaaaa Yankees win...

Moose with a complete game shutout. The interesting thing is: he threw 131 pitches. Man, they're treating this like a Game 7. Wonder if there'll be any repercussions for overusing him? I imagine the thinking was that he was ON, and they were scoring (A-Rod even got a 2-rbi hit...with 2 outs!!!), so leave him in and stop the bleeding...a loss in the 9th, while improbable, would've felt like the end of the season.

So the Yanks are now 12-19. Their 11-19 start ties (with 1912 and 1966) as their second-worst start of all time (with 1913 being the worst). Those years their final records were
1912: 50-102 (.329); 1913: 57-94 (.377); 1925: 69-85 (.448); 1966: 70-89 (.440).

No Sox game tonight. Damn. Man, I really wish John Henry had a horse in the Derby.


  1. I'm a little surprised they cancelled the game so early. Sure the forecast is calling for rain and I gather it has been raining all day. But the Baltimore game earlier this year was not called for a long time during what was some heavy rain. I guess I have two thoughts:

    1. In a deal with the players, in order to get them to agree to a day night tomorrow, they figure they will let them know as early as possible. Although the collective baragaining agreement calls for them to schedule the day night doubleheaders without the players permission (up to twice in a season). I remember reading something about an exception on this issue for both the Sox and the Cubs, but I forget the details.

    As for the Yanks. It sure seems like they felt some big pressure to win the game. I'll be interested to hear the quotes that Torre has on this. The Yanks do have an offday next Thursday, so the Moose will get an extra day's rest. But still. Some pretty high pitcher abuse points.

    2. Or NESN figures they will lose revenue tonight to the Celtics game 7. More people will watch tomorrow night than tonight.

    Or a little of both.

  2. At least George had one winner today.....