Saturday, May 21, 2005


From the AP recap of the Mets-Yankees game:
At the plate, [Mets reliever Dae-Sung] Koo led off the seventh and drove a long double to center off Johnson...He moved to third on Reyes' sacrifice, and took off for home when he noticed that nobody was covering the plate. Second baseman Robinson Cano threw to catcher Jorge Posada, who tried to get back in time. Koo, wearing a jacket to keep his arm warm, scored with a headfirst dive just under the tag. Reyes was credited with an RBI.
People get RBI's for that? Shouldn't Posada just get a error?


  1. I was listening on the radio. Unfortunately it was the Mets feed as I would have thoroughly enjoyed the silence of Sterling while Waldman in her whiny little Yankee voice said rambled on about it.

    The Mets announcers were focusing on what great hustle it was and then they were pretty pissed that Johnson threw at Floyd after Cairo's HR.

    But yes, it should be an error on Posada, however mental errors generally do not result in errors being charged to a fielder. A physical error or miscue must occur. Its along the same lines as a fielder throwing to the wrong base.

    Ugh 6-0 ATL right now. How can we be getting shut out at home to a 21 y/o making his MLB debut?

  2. ...isn't this exactly what happened with Scott Kazmir? He debuted in Fenway, no? (God the Mets are stupid.)

    ...and he's replaced after 5 innings. Sox had big chances in the 6th and 7th and only got 3.

    Now the TBS guys are talking about the DH. As much as I hate the DH rule, people need to shut up about it because it's here to stay. If anything, the conversation topic should be whether the NL -- with a bunch of aging sluggers -- may adopt the rule themselves. (Hopefully not.)

    Four errors. Nice.

  3. "As much as I hate the DH rule, people need to shut up about it because it's here to stay. If anything, the conversation topic should be whether the NL -- with a bunch of aging sluggers -- may adopt the rule themselves."

    Good point. It will definitely not be going away anytime soon. The DHs in the AL with the most ABs - Ortiz, Giambi, Hafner, Everett, Palmerio, Durazo. All those guys are among the highest paid on their teams so the union will not want the DH to go away.

    I used to say that I was against the DH, but now I think I like it. And I'm not even sure I want the NL to stay without it. Since we agree the DH will not be going away, I think the Sox have been punished a bit by the "home park" rule in interleague. Thank goodness the WS was not affected by that.

    The one argument I have seen is that the owners could propose eliminating the DH in exchange for an additional roster spot, thus creating one more (dues paying) job, albeit a lower salaried one.

    I wonder if the Union would really have to approve such a change? I searched the CBA and found nothing that would indicate the DH is requried (the only reference to the DH was in the interleague and WS games - that home field rules). Thus it would lead me to believe that this is not a matter for negotiation - much like when the league went to a unified umpire pool.

    I guess my bottom line is that I think both leagues should have the same rules.

  4. In case anyone missed this, you must chek out the video clip.

  5. Great post from one of the links Jesse put up:

    Watched Bob Costas's new HBO show (a ripoff of Bryant Gumbel's), Costas NOW, and while it had a mildly well-done piece on Tony Conigliaro, and the distinct joy of watching Chad Curtis walk around in a "Property of JESUS" shirt while squealing to Armen Keteyian about amphetamines, Costas also talked to (shock) Billy Crystal. They talked about (bigger shock!) Billy's first baseball game, Yankee Stadium, and Mickey Mantle.

    I could have recited this interview before it fucking happened. Honestly, if I have to hear about Billy Crystal and/ or Bob Costas's first time at Yankee Stadium (with the drooling prose and the "grass" and the "facade" and the "smell of hot dogs and summer days") one more goddamn time, I'm going to jam a knife in my abdomen. Why do these old, irrelevent pieces of self-loving shit think anyone cares about their childhood trips to a baseball park? More importantly, why do these old, irrelevent pieces of self-loving shit think we need to hear about it, at most, more than ONCE?! I'm amazed at the perceived market for listening to Billy Crystal muse wistfully about Mickey Mantle and Yankee Stadium for the 500th time. Seriously, Costas couldn't have spent a couple of minutes with like, say, Ben Sheets or someone interesting... and new?

  6. Getting back on topic for a post. Posada apparently stated after the game it was Johnson's responsiblity to cover home plate. He has a point, because of Reyes bunt, Posada had to charge the ball and throw to first. His throw barely beat Reyes. Meaning that he was way out of position to cover the plate. If Johnson had run in and continued to the plate it would have been covered.

  7. Nice. thanks for that info, Carl.

    I find that pretty interesting. Can you imagine Varitek throwing a teammate under the bus like that. I don't think so.

    In fact, TEK (the man!!!) takes the blame for gopher balls given up by his pitchers.

  8. Ah, so that makes sense. I guess The Unit shouldn't get The E, but it still seems weird for Reyes to get the RBI.

    Yeah, pretty amazing about Posada: his exact words were "That's Randy's play. No one was there, so I had to rush back." He could've defended himself by just saying "I couldn't be anywhere near home because I was fielding the bunt". Though I think it says less about Posada being a jerk (which he is) and more about the state of the Yankees' clubhouse.

  9. Actually here is an article on the whole thing. Turns out Posada said a bit more. "I still thought he was out [replays showed he was]. But that's Randy's play. I had to rush just to get back there." By contrast, Tino tried to take some of the blame. What's especially interesting is Posada's other comments on RJ. Maybe I'm wrong -- maybe the two just don't like each other...

  10. P.S. Funny quote about Costas. Where did you find that?

  11. Nice to see some flareup in the clubhouse. And this one does not even involve Brown.

    Also a good pitcture of the Unit not even looking at Posada and Stottlemeyer. Although he could be disgusted with himself.

    The Costas quote was from BS memorial stadium (I think.)

  12. And already 7 LOB through 3. Ugh.