Friday, May 13, 2005

Important followup

So in regards to our earlier discussion about the Whizzinator, it turns out Congress has subpoenaed* the makers of the Whizzinator and other items desgined to help people circumvent drug-tests:

"Lawmakers object to fake penis"**

Did you know...that actor Tom Sizemore***, from great movies such as "Heat" and "Saving Private Ryan"****, once got caught using the Whizzinator?


* I said "subpoenaed".
**But then again, Reuters said "penis", multiple times, so maybe "subpoenaed" isn't so funny.
***On the other hand, "Sizemore" is a pretty good name for someone who uses a fake penis.
****And as if those movie titles weren't good enough, he was also in the movie "Play it to the Bone".

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  1. Earl - This might be the BEST post of the year. I could read it again and again. It was better than Cats.