Monday, May 23, 2005

And So It Begins...

Ok, to follow up some earlier posts, I commented that sooner or later the White Sox will not be able to rely on El Dookie and Contreras...So far I have been wrong...or have I?

" White Sox pitcher Orlando Hernandez was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a sore right shoulder yesterday. The righthander was 5-1 with a 3.91 ERA but was hit hard in his start last Monday against Texas, giving up 6 runs, 7 hits, and 4 walks in 2 2/3 innings ."

The White Sox are still on fire...or are they? Yes, they took two of three from the almighty Cubs...that's sarcasm...they had to battle to win one of those games...and they are 6-4 over their last 10.

I think that they are going to start coming back down to earth a little and that division will settle in as planned...Just my opinion.

In the East, the Os are showing signs that they are also coming back down. They are lucky that the Sox seem on fire in one game and asleep in the next. If the Sox can wake up and put together a run, the Os are in trouble (*of course, this is coming from a huge Sox fan)...

And speaking of the East...The Sox need to sweep the Yankees. Ok, I know what you are thinking...This is early in the season and in the end this series is not that big of a deal. And you might be right. However, one must think that the Yankees huge run came against the Mariners and A's, that Randy Johnson is struggling (probably hurt), and that they were lucky to come out of Shea winners of 2 of 3.

And now random Sox thoughts...
One way or another Youk should be in the lineup everyday until pitchers start to figure him out (if there is a way to figure him out). The guy just doesn't swing at bad pitches, he makes contact, and he looks fairly savvy on the base paths (although one wouldn't call him fast). He looks pretty comfortable out their at first and can play third to spell Mueller. I wouldn't doubt he could play a corner outfield position and DH every once in a while.

Clement is fantastic. I knew Tek would bring this kid around.
Miller...if his arm holds up the Sox are in great shape.
Arroyo? They should hold him until the Yankees series...but they won't.
Wells? Really bad in his last outing, but I expect much more from him next time out.
Wakefield? As solid as he's ever been.
Schilling? Haven't heard anything about him, from him, etc...Anyone know of anything?

Our bench last year was better. Flat out...Roberts was better than Payton (and Payton is getting playing time)...Vazquez has been guess is that he goes when Olerud is promoted.

Theo will probably be looking for another role player with speed (rumblings from Japan are that Kapler wants back to the U.S.), and a relief pitcher.

Let's discuss...


  1. About the sweeping of the Yankees...Forgot to add another sentence or two and so it doesn't make much sense...

    The Yankees were struggling then got hot against some bad teams...They played on even ground with the Mets (and the Mets played terribly). If the Sox sweep I wouldn't be surprised to see another Yankees' tailspin. That's all I am saying.

  2. There's no way we let Vazquez go. without him, our backup SS is, drum roll please, Mark Bellhorn. And that's a thing I do not want to see again, for even an inning. Youk will be the one to suffer when Olerud comes up, unfortunately.
    The first move this teammakes will be for a mid-line SP. Hopefully, that will also include shipping Wells out of town.

  3. I never really bought into the White Sox hype. I mean, they've been really good, and they'll probably make the playoffs. But (with the exception of Garland and Buerhle) I haven't been as impressed as many others have. For one thing, they play in what might be the weakest division in baseball: 17 of their 44 games (and 14 of their 31 wins) have come against Detroit, KC, and Cleveland. Take those out and they're 17-10 -- still a great .629 winning percentage, but not as amazing as their record suggests (Then again, many of the remaining 17 wins were against good teams -- they're 4-1 against the Twins.)

    Secondly, they've been very lucky. They're 14-6 in one-run games (a couple weeks ago they were 12-3!), which almost cetainly can't last. If they keep up playing 1-run games (they lead the majors in number played), statistically their winning percentage will almost have to go down. Related to this is the fact that their record is a full three games better than their Pythagorean record (it was an even bigger gulf a couple weeks ago).

    I say in the next month or so we'll see that 5-game lead over the Twins shrink considerably.

  4. Why would we go looking for a midline starting pitcher? You can go with a 4-man rotation in the playoffs without a problem and we will get Schilling back at some point this season...

    That gives us

    as possibilities.

    Meanwhile our bullpen consists of an inconsistent Halama, Mantei, Timlin, Embree, and Foulke...for the most part...

    I do think that Theo would add another utility IF. Vazquez cannot run (he's hurt), and he cannot hit. I think that it's necessary because teams are throwing strikes to Bellhorn this year and making him swing the bat. We need someone to spell him more than Renteria (who plays just about every game in every year).

    The argument could be made that Bellhorn is the backup 3B if Mueller (two off-season knee injuries) gets hurt or needs a rest (if Youk is sent down). That makes our infield Millar/Olerud 1b, Vazquez 2b, Renteria SS, Bellhorn 3b. If Renteria goes down our infield is Millar/Olerud 1b, Mueller 2b, Bellhorn SS, Youk 3B...Which would you rather see?

    That's why I argue we make a run at a utility guy that is healthy...

  5. After the next turn through the rotation, the Yankees plan to pass over right-hander Chien-Ming Wang because of an off day to keep left-hander Randy Johnson on four days' rest. Wang will pitch Wednesday against Detroit because Torre wants the Big Unit to start Friday's series opener against Boston.

    Already, and the guy is hurting? This reminds me a lot of how the Yankees started Vazquez on 3-days against us. Torre knows this is a big series.

    The Yankees are throwing RJ, Pavano, and Mussina against us...Not sure how we line up at this point.

    Wells goes tomorrow followed by Arroyo then Wake...That leaves us Miller and Clement and then Wells again? Does that sound right?

  6. Almost -- I think you got Miller and Wake reversed. Miller pitches game 3 against the Jays, then at Yankee Stadium it's Wakefield-Clement-Wells. I'd like to see a strong performance by Wells, but I'm expecting the worst.

  7. I'm seeing David up close and personal tonight, and I'm going to be watchig him as carefully as I can stand to. If he sucks it up tonight, I'm tempted to say it's time for David to take over in the pen. I have patience ith a lot of guys on this club, but not David Wells.