Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Give Me a P!!!!

Test that is...Here's a little tidbit about Onterrio Smith from the Vikings (and how some players may be getting around drug testing)...

"Vikings running back Onterrio Smith was detained last month at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport after police found paraphernalia later identified as a kit used to circumvent drug tests.

Smith was neither arrested nor charged, but as of Tuesday it was unclear whether the incident will affect his status in the NFL's confidential substance-abuse program.

Smith acknowledged to airport police that he was carrying dried urine, along with a device called "The Original Whizzinator" and a bottle of pills labeled "Cleansing Formula." He told police the kit was "for making a clean urine test," according to the police report, and said he was taking the materials to his cousin.

Smith was suspended four games last season after testing positive for marijuana, his second "strike" in the league's program. A third "strike" would result in a yearlong suspension. An attempt to substitute a urine specimen qualifies as a positive test, but NFL spokesman Greg Aiello did not immediately know Tuesday whether possession of a masking device fits that criteria."

--Dried Urine??? Never heard of that one...Here's a question. Why not find out who gave this to Smith and bust him? Also, why not send a couple of pro athlete's to jail for illegal substance abuse? Anyone else would go, why not the famous??? It would send a serious message to not only athletes but maybe the entire U.S.


  1. First off, nice title.

    I tend to agree with you, but what makes me uncomfortable about this is that the drug in question is marijuana. Whatever you feel about whether the ganja should be legal, it's clear he shouldn't be treated any differently than the rest of America. But should the NFL care if he's been smoking the chronic? I mean, can that help someone's ability to play the sport, in any way? Even worse, the issue is not that he was caught in possession of some kind bud, but rather for a kit to cheat on drug tests. Is that actually illegal? (I sure hope not, since I carry dried pee around with me everywhere.)

  2. I heard them talking about this on the radio this AM. The were talking about different shapes, sizes, and colors - along with why it would work. I mean if the guy watching you pee is going to stare that closely, he probably would get whacked in the head.

    Pretty funny.

    Good website. Looks like its legal. They have a disclaimer - "The Whizzinator is to be used in accordance with all Federal, State and Local laws." Although not sure what that means. It has a US based address.

    Earl, I bet you aren't always carrying your dried pee. You are probably clean between your AM shower and the first trip to the men's room.

    Not sure what will happen to Smith - he may not have broken any laws. Had he been busted for possession (which he was not), I'm sure he would have just been fined (just like you and I would be).