Wednesday, May 25, 2005

One thing to be thankful for

Sure Ted Lily turns into Tom Seaver when he pitches against the Sox, but at least we should be glad that the Yankees paniced in 2002 and traded Lily (and cash) for Jeff Weaver. Not only did Weaver suck for them, but that led to Weaver being dealt for Brown. Game 7, thank you very much, Mr. Brown.

Sure glad Lily is still not wearing pinstripes....


  1. Yeah. But small consolation. My god, what is the matter with this team? It's one thing to lose on a regular basis, quite another to be absolutely no fun to watch. I'd watch a whole 52-110 season if the games were good. (Of course, I'll watch all the games even when they're bad; I'll just be angry all the time and die young.)

  2. Now that is what I call "looking on the bright side". I hate to say it, but this does not look good for us this weekend. The Yankees are clicking and the Sox are really struggling. That being said, maybe a good ole taste of the rivalry will help light a fire under the Sox.

  3. Yes, that is truly my looking on the bright side approach to this one.

    This team is tough to figure out. they won 2 of 3 against the Braves and the one loss was the game they should have dominated (on paper). We had to Toronto and have the luck of missing Halladay and what happens? we need a win tonght to avoid the sweep. Ugh.

    And the games get tougher from here.

    It was written on this board a few days ago that the Sox need a sweep in NY. Yikes. I would be ecstatic with 2 or 3 and a nice little well place e-rod error or two and big K late in the game.

    In fact for the rest of the series this month and until interleague resumes, 2 of 3 would be nice in any of them.

    I said it before and I'll say it again - this year's team is reminding me of last year - playing mediocore ball for now, hoping to get healthy, maybe make a deal, and then run off a string of wins again at some point.

  4. Chris Snow: "Lilly -- who fanned 13 Red Sox last Aug. 23 while hurling a three-hit shutout -- has been granted membership in the 'Rodrigo Lopez Club,' a collection of non-aces who pitch like Cy Young winners against the Red Sox."

    2-5 against the Jays, 11-12 against the whole AL East, which has the D-Rays.

    I'm every bit annoyed at this team as I was 10 months ago. But I agree with you X, I seem to remember things working out pretty well in the end...

  5. Funny the times that had the ridiculous artice the other dhas one on how the sox have been coping and doing okay with all their injuries....

    Just goes to show two things. sports writers don't know shit and Murray Chass is an ass.

    Bad news in the Herald today. Just as I had been worried and posted here about a week ago, optimism on Schilling's return is not something that is taking grip of the Sox. They are now saying up to 3 months. I knew once we started hearing about stress fractures he was in deep poop.

    Everyone was saying that Miller would be like our mid season pickup. Lets hope is getting Schilling back for the stretch drive.

  6. Yeah, but I actually thought the Curry article was pretty good. It's just the Chass article was so very, very bad.

  7. Yeah the Curry article was fine, but it didn't really tell any of us that follow the team anything new.

    But for outsiders, perhaps, it was decent look about what is going on with the Sox this year.

    And Curry used actual facts and real data in his article as opposed to Chass who tapped into his apparent ability to read minds as the primary source for his article. And he also wrote off the season saying the Sox have failed even though we are only 40.....wait a minute. I said I'm not going to respond to his horse poop. and I'm not.