Friday, May 27, 2005

Clear Away the Negativity...

Ok, yes, we're in 4th place, but is it that big a deal? Ok, yes it is...

Seriously, though. Are we ever going to have an extended homestand? It is getting crazy. It doesn't look like we get a serious 9-game homestand until August in to September. With that said, we crush at home and we have lots of games at Fenway in September...That will be big. We will have 30 road games against 19 home by the time we play Baltimore on Monday.

Predictions for the weekend? Sox take 2 of 3...Why? Randy Johnson is going on 4-days rest and looked very bad against the Mets. I give the Sox game 1 with Wakefield going. Pavano versus Clement. Pavano has looked good, but against bad teams lately. I think the Sox will put up some runs and win this one, too. It's the Wells start that has me thinking the Yankees get that one (although Wells is generally good in Yankees Stadium).

Overall, however, I don't see the Sox lighting it up over the next 2 weeks or so. They face the Yankees, Orioles, Angels, and finally the Cardinals in their next 4 series. We must, as fans, be patient and hold on to the fact that they have a ton of home games down the stretch and will, more than likely, make a big run like last year...


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  2. Wow...a blog was removed...I wonder what it said???

  3. Wasn't you. Some douche bag posted a link to an anti-Sox blog.

    It was some pathetic 12 year old and the entire blog said I hate the Red sox and the Red Sox suck.

  4. The answer for the weekend:

    "In 2004 a crack commando baseball squad was sent to the Bronx by a court jester (Bud Selig) for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a 3-0 deficit and managed to make their way to the promised land (the World Series). Today, still hated by the Yankees, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the Red Sox."

  5. If it wasn't for Tek, I would think there was something in the water at Georgia Tech.

    Did you guys see Payton complaining about his lack of playing time? Maybe it was just the room that he shared with Nomar.

    I say ship him out to Kansas City. Maybe he'll be happy playing everyday for a last place team.

  6. No, I didn't think it was about what I wrote...

    Payton sucks...Kapler and Roberts were better. I mean, the Mets dumped Payton. What does that say about him? Although I think he's playing tonight instead of Nixon.

    Is the lineup for tonight posted anywhere, yet? Is Olerud starting? My guess is "no" since Johnson is starting for NY, but with the way we've been hitting I think we had better go with a better defensive lineup.

    Also, Shoppach was brought up. That's a good move and a "showcase" move at that. With Tek signed it is either Mirabelli (I could see some other teams wanting a major league caliber catcher now) or Shoppach on the block.

  7. I think it is a showcase move as well as a lets see what we have move.

    Shoppach has 11 HR this year in RI. Surprising power for him. Maybe he takes over at 1B next year. That would appear to be a long shot, but imagine an IF of Shoppach, Ramirez, Youk and Renteria (i.e., about $12MM for your entire IF) - a lot of money would be available to fill CF and pitching.....

    Not sure we would trade Mirabelli due to the Wake factor, but who knows - MLB catchers are a commodity.

  8. True, but Shoppach could work with Wake, and Tek actually looked comfortable last time out...

    The Sox shipped Gonzales out. Sort of surprising as he's been fairly decent. Ok, yesterday was a mop-up (although the game was sort of within reach).

    Funny how Millar went 3 for 4 the day before Olerud arrived. Last year he lit it up following the arrival of Mientadfadhwlkhraid. Hopefully that is all it took.

    Good luck tonight!

  9. I've developed faith in Clement, but Wake hasn't looked very solid of late. I'm steeling myself for 1-3, but hoping for 2.

    As for Shoppach, if he's not gone by July 31, I'll be stunned. My guess is he'll be traded as part of a package for either a 1B or an SP.

  10. Hey, look what Earl wrote:

    Press here

  11. Yeah. I rock. I still stand by EVERY ONE of those predictions. Actually looking at all our predictions, the question isn't who will do the best, it's who will do the least poorly.

  12. I wanted to go back and do a comparison of predictions versus actual standings - but Jeremy didn't do an NL one - bastard.
    But based on the AL only Matt's predictions have come the closest as of today. Taking one point for every place off in standings from original projection. matt 14. me and jeremy 18 and jesse 20.

  13. Yeah, I guess I am a bastard. One league at a time guys. I think this is the first year that I could actually name all the NL teams (ha!).

    Man, rereading the AL predictions we were all way off on the Central. What the hell is going on with Cleveland? Any Indian fans out there care to explain?