Thursday, May 26, 2005

Take a deep breath...

....Close your eyes. Now try to relax...think happy thoughts. Think about Johnny Damon crushing Javier Vazquez's first pitch for a grand slam. Feel all the neagtivity just flow out of you...


  1. I'm think about Johnny Damon crushing the Big Pimple's first pitch tomorrow for a HR.

  2. ...and pay no attention to the double play ball with the bases loaded. Or to Kevin Millar getting picked off at second.

    Happy thoughts.

  3. If I don't pay attention to the bad things that happened tonight, all I am left with are three Renteria AB's. Which actually doesn't sound that bad.

  4. ...and do not think about being in fourth place.

  5. John Valentin on The Globe Sports report tonight on what he wants to see this series (paraphrased):

    "I want to see the Sox deck Sigmund A-Rod. Put him on his back again and I want to see Varitek beat the crap out of him again."

    All true. well, the Sigmund part was me editorializing.

    And coming from a former player. I love it. Earlier on the show he was talking about how he had conversations with a number of the Sox about the rivalry and he said the Sox don't care - they are not scared and in fact think they have their number. Obviously no names are mentioned. I wonder if his little theory about drilling Sigmund came from the inside.

    Would be nice to see. Of course Fox will be blacking it out here which means no TV for me on Saturday. I guess I'll be glued to the XM.

  6. Shouldn't it be "A-Freud"?

  7. A-Freud. I love it!!

    I can see the banners now.