Friday, May 27, 2005

ESPN announcers

...4 minutes into the game and already I want to shoot myself. Really, why is it apparently so difficult to be a decent announcer?


  1. "The name Randy Johnson is synonymous with strike three."

    I did not know that. I'll have to start using that exciting new synonym.

  2. "[Jeter] knew the Varitek home run took the crowd out of the game, so he stretched the double into a triple in order to bring them right back into it."

  3. I suffered through the YES jackasses for two years. Derek Jter culd take strike three right down the pipe for the third out of the 9th inning of Game 7 of the World Series, and NY announcers would still attempt to beatify the guy for his professionalism. It's really best to ignore them at all costs.

  4. Its one thing for the YES announcers (read: Yankee employees) to praise all things Yankee, but Earl (and I) were watching the supposedly neutral ESPN feed and I was thinking the same crap - I was on a treadmill though, so I could not post about it.

    I was keeping a mental note and they did not say one, not one, complimentary thing about the Sox until the third batter in the bottom of the first - roughly 15 minutes - when the complimented Varitek for being a good captain.

    Amazing. The defending World Champions. And there is nary a good word to say about anything. But plenty of praise for the team that owns the title Greatest Chokers Ever.

    I am avoiding the newspapers today and with no West Coast TV that means I would be limited to the XM radio feed, which coming out of Yankee Field (as Jeff gordon would likely call it), I think I will not be watching or listening.

    Clement should be able to get us back on track....

  5. That's what I get for writing comments drunk. With ESPN, it's always a crapshoot. Either you end up with Joe Morgan and Jon Miller, who are alternately old and annoying (not to mention, in Morgan's case, living very deeply in the past) or you get Chris Berman, Harold Reynolds, Jeff Brantley, or Rick Sutcliffe... none of whom have any concept of what they're talking about. Why can't they just hire Remy for these games? They'd get better ratings, I assure you.