Monday, May 16, 2005

Non baseball post

If any of us had been as big a jackass as this guy, we would be fired. This guy gets to spend $50 million of other people's money to make it look like he is addressing a problem. Which is kind of ironic because isn't spending all this money on these new programs, simply reinforcing his original comments? Maybe I am a bit naive, but I would love to hear the take on of our academic representatives to GYS.


  1. Summers has made a jackass of himself on a number of occasions... he basically pulled the same thing as above while addressing a group of Native Americans, suggesting that the mass-killing of native populations was, basically, just an oopsie and not what it was, which was a pretty concerted effort to kill or relocate entire cultures. Overall, and this is coming from some I know who's closely connected with Harvard, is that Summers basically came in to streamline, but has a) failed in that, and b) has managed to royally tee off large segments of the Harvard population by talking as though he had some authority on subjects he knows virtually nothing about, sticking his foot in his mouth on several occasions. this article does a decent job of summing up his tenure and the controversies around him. Hope this helps.

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