Friday, May 13, 2005

Follow up

Not very long ago, Matt commented on Sean McAdam and his unwillingness to do his homework for his article. Funny thing today, Lupica was praising Tino. His quote that annoyed me:

It doesn't mean that Tino, trying to have as great a second act with a New York sports team as any fired athlete ever has, is going to hit 40 home runs the way he used to."

Makes it seem like Tino was the Bambino. Don't get me wrong, I agree with much of what he wrote, but that line bugged me, making it seem like Tino used to be this mammoth HR hitter. He hit 40 (44 actually) one time - in 97, when the Yanks did not win the WS (or the division). In all the Yank championship years, he never had more than 28 and, in fact, only hit more than 28 in two Yankee seasons (34 in 2001).

I guess guys like Lupica can get by w/out doing the homework.


  1. Just noticed that Mr. Grieve also was unhappy that McAdam pronounced the wild card as maybe coming out of the central - not as pissed at he was about the comments on the struggling Sox pen.

    But in Matt's 30 day checkup, HE was now calling the wild card as coming out of the Central. Still a long, long way to go. This year could have some great races. I would love to see one of those WC/penant races with like 6 teams in it right down to the wire.

  2. Just to defend my ranting...I didn't get mad at McAdam for calling the Wild Card out of the Central...I mentioned that he mentioned that, but I didn't necessarily disagree...He just didn't back anything up...