Monday, October 29, 2007

We win!!!

My walk home down centre street was awesome...

Sign MIKE LOWELL please!!!!!


  1. IBID, are you a JPer too? The reference to Center St. and all...

    God damn I love this team.

  2. That was pretty good. (Understatement intended).

  3. Holy crap I'm happy. Strangely no one in Helsinki seems to be talking about this. Maybe we'll drive down the street honking and yelling "Wicked awesome! Yankees Suck!"

  4. Wow...

    And A-Rod trying to steal the limelight...Nice bit of PR Boras!!!

    And this Sox team is young...I see more of this in the near future.

  5. What is strange with the A-Rod news is that I would assume Boras would think that the Sox would be one of the bidders, so why rain on their parade?

    Hell, even if the Sox aren't serious, why not talk to him and help drive up the price.

    Even through all their proclamations about not being involved in bidding, I bet the Yanks get back in the bidding.

  6. JP in the house indeed!

    Gammon's response to the ARod thing after the game was awesome. I am sure you have all heard it by now.

    This has to be calculated. But I realy don't give a shit because the RED SOX ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!

  7. Just dawned on me - Terry Francona will manage the All Star game in Yankee Stadium next year. How sweet is that. I guess Torre did it in Boston in 1999, but still - that was years ago.

  8. A friend of mine just noted that maybe A-Rod made his announcement because he didn't know the World Series was going on. Its not like he's ever been to one.