Sunday, October 21, 2007

Did I miss anything?

Sadly, I watched absolutely none of last night's game, because I was on the plane leaving Finland. So I'm done with having to watch playoff baseball in Finland...from here on out it's all from...Israel! Only six hours ahead, so it's WAY easier to watch from here.

All right, I'm sure this is all over the Boston papers, but from 1999 on the Sox are 13-3 in must-win playoff games. Which is ridiculous. But not ridiculous enough - let's make it 14-3, please.

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  1. Earl... you jet-setter you. Why a PhD in sheep-farting has you traveling all over the world is beyond my tiny brain. (Not sure if sheep-farting is even accurate but I knew it had to do with atmospheric gas). Ah... bad blog jokes... I'll be here all week...

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