Monday, October 01, 2007

Rotation is Set

Beckett in Game 1, Daisuke in Game 2, and Schill in Game 3. Wake in the pen...

That means Schilling will have a ton of time in between starts.

Also, Lester had two solid innings in relief yesterday...I wonder if that is in the plans?


  1. So, the Sox have two starters who have pitched deciding games of the WS and they are going to set up their rotation to have a rookie pitch a potential deciding game in the first round of the playoofs.

    I know they paid $100MM for the guy. And he pitched some huge games in Japan. But it seems a tad strange to me.

  2. From today's NYP - the word according to Joba:

    "It's time to strap it on and go to work," Chamberlain said.

    I think he is talking about the playoffs.

  3. I agree about the rotation. I truly believe that Francona is thinking about two things (and one he SHOULDN'T be thinking about, yet)...

    1. Daisuke has never faced the Angels before. Therefore, it is an advantage for the Sox. Daisuke can throw a lot of innings against Escobar, while Schilling is probably slated to go 6 (especially in cold Boston). Schilling, in a daytime game in sunny Anaheim might be expected to go deeper into the game.

    2. Francona could be lining up the pitching for the ALCS which I think is scary.

    I do believe that the Sox don't think this series is going more than 4 games. While they are probably right, that is a hell of an assumption...and one they shouldn't make quite yet...