Friday, October 26, 2007

Something to read on the day off

I think we all agree that since late in the 2004 season (possibly sooner), there's been a large contingent of Sox fans which are...well, pretty much awful. This article describes that in great (probably too much) brutality. Sox fans in general are now basically seen as another version of Yankees fans, only worse because (1) our team is actually winning now, and (2) most non-Yankees fans sort of liked the Red Sox before the fans became insufferable.

That said, this article is fantastic - probably the best thing ever written about being a Red Sox fan. Check it out.


  1. Streakibng time,

    It used to be all about the Rox and then 21 in 22 run.

    I have new numbers. By tomorrow's game - the Rox will not have won a game in 11 days and the Red Sox have not lost a game in 10 days.

  2. Rockies have won 21 of their last 24! Not bad.

    Mentions of humidor - I say 10. I really hope the words "Dante" and "Bichette" are mentioned somewhere. And then there's that damn dinosaur...

  3. Hmmm... malicious attack or welcome to Red Sox Nation?

    I know at least 4 people who were trying to get tickets, including X! That being said, 8.5 million hits in 90 minutes is a little insane!

    The problem is that MLB is in bed with all of these ticket resellers. They are the ones with enough money , time and motivation to try to scam the system. That or it's a 14 year old boy some where in New Jersey.