Tuesday, October 09, 2007

WS matchup thoughts

Is there anyone (outside of Greater Phoenix) not rooting for the Rockies? Doesn't having the D-Backs (outscored by 20, which is way worse than the 2006 Cards) in the World Series just sound horrible?

And while I know it's cool to root for the Indians (I honestly really like that team), doesn't an Indians-Diamondbacks World Series sound unbelievably lame?

Of course, if it's Cleveland-Rockies, we'll get everyone screaming "Cleveland-Rox!". And Drew Carey will be the spokesman. And we can't have that. I'm getting ill just thinking about it.

So really, the only acceptable outcome is Red Sox-Rockies. Which, in spite of my biases/preferences, would be my pick based on the matchups (though it might take them all 7 games to get there). Yes, we'll have to put up with "SOX-ROX on FOX", but it's still the best-case scenario.


  1. This is a classic. You have to wait until about 3 minutes in. But a classic up there with here ROGER CLEMENS is coming back of all the dramatic things....


  2. What about "Red Rocks"??? As in "U2 Live Under a Blood Red Sky" recorded at Red Rocks...no, Sox Rox on Fox is better.

    And, to continue our discussion from the ALCS thread, Kielty is getting the Game 1 start in RF because he is hitting .310 against Sabathia. So, it isn't Hinske starting, but what is the difference?

    Also, it looks like Finland is getting to you, Earl.

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  4. The Rockies scare me. I went to the see them when they were in town and there are not a lot of holes in their lineup.

    I am cheering for a close series because god knows we're going down to the wire in ours.