Monday, October 22, 2007

2007 AL Champions

Okay, I'm awake, and back at "work". A couple initial thoughts while I enjoy my coffee:

- what a series. Cleveland really is a great team, and it says tons that the Sox took three in a row from them.

- The score - an asswhoopin' - didn't reflect just how tense 3/4 of the game was.

- Last night's win pretty much showcased everything about the Sox which got them here: patient hitting; the ability to wear down the starter so even if he frustrates them (Westbrook arguably outpitched Dice-K), he has to leave early, and the onslaught against the bullpen (usually tired late in a series) begins; impressive defense; an incredible bullpen.

- the team's health (Beckett, Okajima, Schilling, Ortiz, Manny, Daisuke) is a huge part of their success so far; compare this to the Angels or Indians (you hae to assume CC was exhausted). Anyone still upset about sitting all those players in September now? Brilliant late-season managing in my opinion.

- Yes, the Sox caught some breaks the last games, especially those two Lofton plays last night. But this was after getting NONE the first 4-5 games. As they say, it all evens out I guess.

- Wedge's managing just got worse and worse as the series progressed - by this game he was being downright stupid in my opinion. As for Francona, I didn't care much about the Crisp/Ellsbury thing (I mean, it has to be Ellsbury, but the whole thing reminded me too much of Bellhorn), but his pitching management wasn't great this last game - both Daisuke and Okajima were left in too long.

- this offense at Coors - should be fun to watch.

More later.


  1. Okajima was huge in this game. Bad defense on the bunt. Youk should have covered first and let Oki field it.

    The defense overall was great (with the exception of the dropped Lugo popup).

    Pitching was very good. Some shaky moments from Daisuke, but throwing pitches in the strike zone and NOT getting lit up may boost his confidence for the WS.

    Earl's Game 7 thread is the best piece of blogging I've ever seen.

    One complaint about the Sox...Ortiz in the dugout with the goggles on and uniform half-off while the Indians were batting was low-class. I know that he's excited and he didn't mean anything by it, but pile on the field when the game is over and do the goggle thing in the locker room.

    And to rant about the goggles...Champagne in the eyes hurts, but come on...Baseball's past winners must have a good laugh about the "manliness" of the goggles...Take the damn goggles off...

    How long until we begin writing about the WS???

  2. GR, I agree with all of that. Especially the parts about the goggles, and me being awesome.