Thursday, October 25, 2007

Remember that time...

...when the Red Sox play in the World Series and you all basically abandon this so-called Red Sox blog. That was awesome.

Last night: utter, total dominance. Beckett continued to be on, the Rockies offense couldn't do anything, and the insane hitting (10+ runs) continued. You have to assume the Rockies' long break really hurt them - their number one starter and middle relievers couldn't find the strike zone, except to leave the ball up, begging for a double. I like when they called in Speier to put out the fire (bases loaded, 2 outs) and promptly walks the next three batters. (Hey, at least his ERA didn't suffer.) But it sure also seems like a moot point - even had they pitched up to potential, they still would've lost that game.

Fun fact: the Rockies have won 20 of their last 22 games! And they've only lost once on the road since September 14! That's amazing!

Win three more, please.


  1. Beckett was great again last night.

    There is no doubt that the long layoff hurt them. If this series continues the way it started, MLB is going to have to look into the playoff setup. There is no way (unless weather intervenes) that a team should have to wait so long in between series.

    The offense is locked in. Francis left a lot of stuff up, but he didn't seem to get the corner calls quite like Beckett did, either. With shaky control to begin with, the Sox lit him up.

    I expect the same tonight against Ubaldo. Long layoff for their number 2, and he was only going 5 or so innings before. Plus, big bullpen usage last night by the Rockies.

    Everything looks good for Game 2.

    Two things (one a rant, the other a question)...
    1. Why does Timlin pitch a "scoreless eighth inning" but Gagne pitches "the ninth"? I've heard it put that way a few times today but different media outlets. Edes called Gagne's ninth a "gimme". Timlin's eighth was just as much a "gimme". Is it just to keep piling on Gagne? Seriously, that is two clean outings in a row for him, and he looked fairly sharp last night. My feeling is that we'll need him before this series is over. The guy has a great track record in Coors Field.

    Ok, so not that great a rant, but I can't stand the piling on thing.

    2. If the Sox win tonight, does Ortiz sit in Game 3? Youk is doing just as much damage at the plate, and is a waaaaaaaaay better fielder. Plus, Ortiz's knee is already buggy. Why risk losing him for the rest of the series?

    My guess is that they will start Ortiz at first and try to build a lead early. IF that happens, Youk takes over by the fifth innning. (Although you lose a big bat for the rest of the game if you need a pinch hitter).

    I also see Manny being replaced for defense early in Colorado if the Sox get a 4-run lead. There's a lot of ground to cover out there. And an outfield of Crisp, Drew, and Ellsbury can cover that space.

    Also, I haven't had my laptop at home lately, and my computer is not in the tv room. That's why I am not blogging during the game...I will bring my laptop home tonight, Earl.

  2. Awesome! No more lonely Earl!

  3. I'll try to blog as well. If I make it through the game. I must confess I went to sleep after our monster 5th!

  4. What long layoff are you guys talking about?

    Oh yeah, I think the announcers mentioned that once or twice last night. Is irony the right word to note that the announcers were obsessed with the 8 day layoff that occurred because Fox was obsessed with lineup the TV schedule to their advantage?

    I'm not sure we can say the layoff hurt their offense - Beckett has been dominating all post season. And even their pitching showed a few signs of rustiness, but its not like they had faced potent lineups in the NL. Eric Byrnes bats third for AZ for crying out loud.

    As for Francis, I was not impressed. His fastball was only coming in at 83-84 and his curve ball was up around 78. Not enough separation - Sox were easily able to adjust. Funny how Francis is an "ace" yet can't break 85, while everyone makes a big deal about Schilling "only" throwing 89-90.

    Tough call on who to sit in COL. It will be nice to have a monster bat available in an important situation. The defensive replacements will a tough call as well. A four run lead in COL is still not safe, so taking Manny's (or anyone's) bat out of the lineup is a bit scary to me. And for all the talk of humidors we will hear (I put the over under on the word humidor Saturday at 16, but it will certainly feel like 116 times), it is still the most explosive offensive park in baseball - I'm not sure the possibility of Coco making a play outweighs losing Manny's bat.

    Here is my rant:

    Up until the middle of last night's game, I really liked Troy Tulowitzki. Hard playing rookie, from right near where I live, great fielder (that play he made last night on the grounder up the middle was amazing). And then..... we learn he wears number 2 because he idolizes Jeter. Freakin A. But it did lead to some good - they then noted that he owns Jeter's cologne. How great is that. There has to be some sign in Fenway tonight to make fun of that. I'm sure Fox won't show it since McCarver has a man crush on Captain Jetes. But this does open great possibilities - it wasn't more than two minutes later that I texted two friends who are Yankee fans to ask them if they wear Jeter's cologne. Good stuff.

    And lastly, I can’t blog during the games. Sorry. I can’t sit still for long anyway.

  5. Wow... Jeter has a cologne line? What's next Arod's L'Eau de Perfume?!

    Random note: Francis was a Physics major. That gives him props in my book.

  6. I agree about Francis. I was thinking (and posted) that I was worried about a soft-throwing left-hander and how the Sox have trouble with those types...They proved me wrong.

    As far as them not facing potent lineups...Well, they did have a low ERA that second half of the year (that's 80+ games) and with a ton of Coors Field games. Their guys weren't throwing strikes last night...

    As for the hitting...Beckett had a lot to do with that, I totally agree. I also think that they will get more hits off Schilling and Daisuke and the games will be more competitive...Although I do think the Sox will rack up a lot of runs tonight, as well.

    Prediction? Pain...