Friday, October 26, 2007

Now on to Coors field

So it occurred to me that tomorrow night will be the very first time I have watched a game played at Coors Field. I missed the last/first time the Sox played there in 2004. That being said, I do remember talking to X on the phone as he drove through a crazy thunder storm with golf-ball sized hail to a game only to turn around because of snarled traffic.

Anyway, I am too lazy to look up our record from those games but we scored 20 runs on 36 hits including 4 homers. The team's OPS was .991. Granted the 2007 Sox are different from the 2004 Sox, but it is safe to say the two teams are built in similar ways, thanks to in-Theo-we-trust.

That being said, there is a lot of talk about how the Rockies have started to figure out Coors field. From humidors to failed pitchers the Rockies have tried a lot of angles. The 2007 team is focusing on defense. According to Slate writer Eriq Gardner who provided all of the above links, the Rockies have "tied the National League record for the fewest errors in a season (68) and set the Major League record for the highest fielding percentage (.989)". The expansive outfield and the high altitude will be interesting variables in Saturday nights game 3. As will Ortiz at first and Manny being Manny in a BIG left field.



  1. The Onion covered that already.

    Just kidding; yes, it'll be interesting. I think bigger than the defense is the removal of one of our best bats (probably Ortiz).

    Not sure how many of the games I'll be seeing - it's back to Finland for me tomorrow, probably with limited internet access. So you may not be hearing from me for a while.

    (Other good Onion articles here, here, and here.

  2. I don't think that Ortiz sits (unless his knee is really bothering him).

    As good as Youk is at first, and as red hot as he's been at the plate, removing Ortiz from the lineup reduces Manny's impact, as well. I am sure the Rockies would be more than happy pitching to Youkilis ahead of Manny instead of Ortiz. Tito will have to find the right time to make the switch, if possible, bringing Youk in to play defense.

    Also, look for the Sox pitchers to pitch away from right-handers and in on lefties to minimize deep fly balls to LF. If the Sox have a lead late in the game, Ellsbury goes to left and Crisp to CF. The challenge, as X said earlier, is knowing what lead is "safe" at Coors Field.

    Interesting thought, though. You posted that the Rockies have figured out Coors by building a better defense. I am wondering if the huge field lowers errors for them automatically. As in less chances for outfield errors because more stuff drops in...Also, would the Sox be better suited, if defense really matters, starting Youk to help minimize the damage...

    I still believe they go with Ortiz.

  3. Yea I think it's clearly Ortiz for the fist two games. If we get to 5, I could see Youk getting the start against the lefty Francis.

    Let's hope our bats get red hot so that we don't have to worry about defensive subs and what not.

  4. (unless his knee is really bothering him)

    That's just it though, isn't it?

    A few weeks ago he discussed the huge a mount of pain he's been in; maybe things are better with the last round of cortisone, but only they know for sure.

  5. Shifting the conversation back 60 feet 6 inches, what if an affect will Coors have on DiceK.

    The good news is that DiceK really doesn't rely on a breaking ball all that much so the thin air won't hurt him. That being said, DiceK has a tendency to challenge with the fastball which might mean more dingers.

    Thoughts? And does any one have any insight into Fogg?

  6. Over/under on the word Humidor being mentioned during the entire broadcast (including pre and post game). I say 16.